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This Blog is dedicated to the notion that remodeling is a fun, life long learning process.

Remodeling is my passion, If you are interested in remodeling your home, or just happen to stumble upon my site, please refer me to anyone in need of remodeling. You’ll be pleased that you did.

The original content contained here is proof that when you are passionate about something it is easy to find stuff to talk about.

Boise Weather

“If you don’t like the weather in Boise, Just wait 15 minutes”

Behind the scenes at Levco

We are remodeling like mad. Many of the projects we have developed with our clients are being accomplished at the moment. It is rewarding and gratifying to have this much going on. Because we are extremely busy, we are expanding our teams to get the work done in stride. Welcome new team members and a huge thank you to everyone who is helping us get an amazing amount of work done well.

There is an enormous appetite for remodeling in Boise at the moment. This fills me with joy. May we be the meal that satisfies as many as we can serve well.

Inspirational Quotes

Architecture is inhabited sculpture. -Constantin Brancusi, sculptor (19 Feb 1876-1957)

Surround yourself with people you love and have fun. The rest is gravy. Paul Tillotson (1965 -2016)

I love the smell of sawdust in the morning. Me, renaissance man (8-28-58  Still going strong!       

“Quality construction does not cost- it pays”   as seen on a bumper sticker

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” Albert Einstein

“No matter how bad things get, you’ve got to go on living, even if it kills you.” Sholem Aleichem


Happy Wife, Happy Life

What wise person came up with this amazingly simple saying? Scientifically proven or not, I can tell you that anecdotally it is a real phenomenon. To that end, what can be done to make wives happier? Sure, there are chocolate and flowers, but they...

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Remodeled home tour afterglow

We had a great NARI remodeled home tour 2017. A huge thanks you to Lynn Stein for helping at the event, and for the Taylor family who graciously allowed us to show the amazing kitchen addition we created with them. I also want to...

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Idaho power offers whole house fan rebate

Idaho Power gets it. Whole House fans work! Levco has long been a supporter of the whole house fan movement in Idaho because they help to cool the home without refrigerant. The concept is that they pressurize the attic and blow out the hot...

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Levco turns 12 years old

In an amazing feat of stamina longevity and guts, Levco turned 12 years old on 5-5-2017. This fledgling company has defied the odds and overcome diversity and beaten the national average according to this article Construction has the worst track record in the spectrum...

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At Levco, all we sell is service

When you boil it all down, what we are selling is service. Yup – we are in the service industry, no more, no less. I used to naively believe that we were selling remodeling projects. I am clear now on the distinction. Having spent...

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