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Remodeling & Music Just Go Together

From transistor radios to boom boxes with 8 track tapes, to cassette players, to electronic devices that will play your music through Bluetooth (thin air) and charge your battery-operated tools, electronic devices have come a long way in my lifetime. Music has always been a part of my creative processes, and remodeling is no exception....

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Levco turns a monumental scheduling corner

For starters, “No client has ever been upset about having their job done on time or early” the inverse is also true. For years I would tell my clients upon signing a remodeling project when I thought their project would start and end. Rarely did we make our “Best case scenario”. I had been racking...

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On Setting Expectations

Remodeling is a complicated and difficult profession to master. Like me, most owners are very involved in our daily businesses. in an effort to stay ahead of the game, I regularly step back and give my processes a tune up especially when remodeling becomes painful.  I liken it to taking a nitroglycerine tablet or spray...

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Levco’s NEW Client Portal

I just added a module to the website. It is designed to keep everyone in the loop. The idea was not new; I just found a company that provides a needed service that I did not need to invent. I partnered with a company that has created an amazing tool. They also seem to be...

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Scheduling is a very important part of any project. Levco’s Project Manager is the task master that eats, sleeps, and breathes Scheduling. So much goes into creating a realistic time line, the reality is that no matter what you produce it is merely a measuring instrument. At Levco we strive to under promise and over...

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