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Energy Tax Credits for Idaho

Here is a Link to the current Tax Credits 2-18-2016

Idaho allows homeowners to deduct 100% of material and labor cost for energy efficient upgrades for homes built or under construction before Jan 1, 2002.

Energy efficient upgrades include

  • Adding to existing insulation
  • Replacing windows with more efficient ones
  • Adding storm windows
  • Installing weatherstripping
  • Sealing & insulating duct work
  • Installing electric HVAC in new homes
  • Adding a ductless mini-split unit when electric heat is being replaced

Here is a link to federal tax credits for energy efficient upgrades

 Nari’s stance on ethics

NARI Code of Ethics

Age of homes in the area

Ada County
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ENERGY Facts & Figures

Watts x hours divided by 1000 = KWh

Example: A 1500 watt space heater running for 10 hours = $1.20

A KWh in Boise costs approximately 8¢ (2013)

More electrical information

Add up all the watts your appliances are.
Watts = amps x volts (this formula can help determining how large a panel you will need or a breaker on a circuit.)

 Random articles from the media re: Remodeling

Here is one from Consumer Reports Homeowners confess their dumbest remodeling mistakes 8-2013

Area Population

Population in the local cities as of July 2013  

Population of Idaho & Ada County as of July 2013