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Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire

The Challenge:

A pot left on the stove simmering overnight inadvertently started this fire. By the time the residents were aware that something was wrong, the kitchen has substantial damage and not surprisingly the entire unit had smoke damage. 

The Idea:

Get the place cleared out of contents quickly, and rebuild it to pre-fire condition. The client interviewed several contractors prior to selecting Levco based upon our systematic approach, familiarity with fire rebuild projects, ease of communication, and process that made sense.

The Solution:

We worked with the client and insurance company to make sure that the home was brought up to code and built back to its pre-fire condition. Things that were improved beyond the insurance claim included remodeling the bathroom, adding a new roof and gutters, and a repair of the slab floor that was a preexisting concealed condition discovered during the initial pack out.

The Details:

During the demolition, we discovered that the fire had entered the attic and additional repairs had to be made. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors were added as well as several other code upgrades to the plumbing were done by using the code upgrade coverage that the client’s policy included.

The renters unfortunately did not have insurance on their contents.

The Time Frame: 2 months

The price range: $35,000

Post Script: Levco rebuilds the project for the amount of the insurance companies estimate RCV amount plus the deductible. In this case the estimate had missed several key components. If the client had been satisfied with the initial estimate and not used us, there is a strong likelihood that he would not have had sufficient funds to rebuild the project.