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Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 45 seconds

The Challenge:

The Owner had a small 1 car garage with a carport that she was parking under and an RV that she wanted to park undercover to protect it from the weather.

The Idea:

Deconstruct the existing garage and build a new 2-Car garage and a vaulted area to park beneath.

The Solution:

We drew the project and had our Architect and Engineer figure out the structural details. During the project, we ran into bad soil conditions that needed to be solved. We also found the neighbor’s sewer line ran through our project.

The Details:

The new garage was vinyl-sided to match the home and ended up being 22′ x 22′ deep with a 20′ x 20′ carport built with uncovered scissor trusses. The garage had some local history as the original garage belonging to a large lawn and garden business. They were offered it but declined.