Addition Projects

Additions come in all sizes and shapes. This page is about how additional space is added outside of the envelope of the home. In some cases several rooms are created and others altered simultaneously.

Creating a great addition takes a dedicated team of professionals. You will love our remodeling services because you deserve to live in a home that works. Just imagine how wonderful your extra space will be.

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Addition Project Gallery

Our gallery is made up of images of our completed projects. Some were done to purely add more space, most involve rearranging or repurposing rooms in the home to solve several problems at once. Each one has a unique story and solves some problems by remodeling.

What you don’t see is that each one started with a phone call and a complementary visit to evaluate existing conditions. Given the opportunity to express your ideas to an enthusiastic remodeler, is often the inspiration and motivation needed to move ahead.


2 Story Addition in Historic North End

2 Story Addition in Historic North End

The Challenge: The home had an enclosed back porch that was a transition to a basement with plans to have the second story enlarged to finally have a Master Bedroom Suite. The home is in the...

Garage Bonus Room Addition

Garage Bonus Room Addition

The Challenge: This home had a small protrusion over the garage which was a potential space that was not taken advantage of on the original structure. The clients imagined that by moving the wall...

Modern master bedroom suite addition

Modern master bedroom suite addition

The Challenge: This home was built in the 1920's it had good bones. It had a confusing backwards kitchen and had an addition in the '70's. I had looked at the home for a friend a few years earlier...