Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 7 seconds

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 7 seconds

The Challenge:

Basement contractor Boise

Basement Bath

This was a basement storage area under the stairs and a perfect place to add a bathroom. determine what was under the floor. Finding a way to get the sewage out. It was a tight space and an enclosure would make it feel claustrophobic. Finding a way to access the sewage pump while it was hidden away beneath the stairs. Finding the right shaped curtain rod.

The Idea:

Add a sewage ejection pump. configure the floor with a sunken shower rather than a raised curb. Add a custom curved curtain attached to the ceiling.

The Solution:

We placed the ejection pump behind a rolling cabinet we had salvaged so it could be easily worked on. We found a supplier of mailable curtain rods.

The Details:

Sunken floor shower, custom curtain rod, can lighting and eclectic tile.

Investment Range $17,000

Time Frame 3 weeks

This project allowed us to be clever and resourceful, we found a place where water was entering by looking at the walls we could see effervescence and by digging outside we located the cold joint and patched it prior to furring out the walls. The floor was dirt already so plumbing was not as difficult as expected. We did have to provide a new vent to the toilet.