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Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 52 seconds

Basement in disarray

The Challenge:

The basement of this home had a chronic water problem. A previous contractor had done a wimpy repair and another contractor was planning to dig a trench around the room to add a pump system to allow water that came in to be pumped out.

The Idea:

Waterproof the project properly from the outside and finish the space properly. Regrade the ground to have a positive grade away from the home and fix the sprinklers

The Solution:

Repair the gutters, dig outside, and waterproof the foundations correctly. I am not a fan of letting water in then pumping it out.

The Details:

Levco ended up leveling the floor and adding new flooring, We waterproofed the outside and finished the interior including remodeling a bathroom. Electrical improvements were also made. We also added plenty of insulation. We discovered that the previous basement finishing was a DIY project by a previous owner. The walls of the bathroom were not attached to the floor.