Basement Projects

Folks have a love hate relationships with basements. One frustrated person called to see if we could fill hers in!

We have done simple and complex basements. There are lots of ideas and special materials and techniques that come to play when basements are on the table.

Each project has a story and each project has unique features. This gallery is provided to make it easy to see the happy ending easily. 

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Basement Project Gallery

Our gallery is made up of images of completed projects we created with our clients over many years. What you don’t see is that each one started with a phone call and a visit to evaluate existing conditions. Given the opportunity to express ideas to an enthusiastic remodeler who cares, is often the inspiration and motivation needed to move ahead.


Basement wet bar from a storage area

Basement wet bar from a storage area

The Challenge: Our client had a walkout basement room that was used for relaxing and entertainment. There was a TV and a couch plus a pool table. They used a vintage cabinet to hold liquor, but the...

New Space Discovered Beneath a Home

New Space Discovered Beneath a Home

The Situation: Remodel an existing home on a hillside that had an awkward basement into a living space that can double as a separate apartment. Poor access prevented a bobcat from being able to be...

Basement Bathroom addition

Basement Bathroom addition

The Challenge: This was a basement storage area under the stairs and a perfect place to add a bathroom. determine what was under the floor. Finding a way to get the sewage out. It was a tight space...