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Wet bar

Wicked Wet bar

The Challenge:

Our client had a walkout basement room that was used for relaxing and entertainment. There was a TV and a couch plus a pool table. They used a vintage cabinet to hold liquor, but the idea of a wet bar in the room was intriguing.

The Idea:

There was an adjacent storage area that was part of an addition built many years ago that was not being used. The idea of converting it into a wet bar was the seed that ultimately resulted in a wonderful space added to the basement.

The Solution:

We broke through the wall and found old foundations we had to eliminate a hallway entrance. Because the area was below the sewer we had to add a macerating ejection pump designed for just this purpose. Everything else was routine remodeling stuff until it came to the custom cabinetry aspects.

The Details:

Harmonizing repurposed hardwood floor. Custom shelving system with glass shelves, LED lighting, macerating ejection pump, glass tiles. We eliminated unnecessary ductwork and cleaned up electrical issues from previous projects done by others. Insulated ceiling. Granite countertops. ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) sink.

Investment Range $30,000

Time Frame 6 weeks

This project allowed us to be clever and resourceful, we had already exposed the ceiling for another previous project so water and drain were already present. We harmonized the room to the kitchen but gave it a special feeling that came from a favorite watering hole we had images of.