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Excavation And Remodeling Well

Many of our recent projects, and most of our larger projects call for some sort of excavation. So much so, that we bought our own brand new excavation equipment. Between trying to coordinate others, and rental fees, we found that owning our own just made more sense. This is one more thing that sets Levco...

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I’m Thinking About Doing an Addition to My Home

“We recently had a child and we love our home, but it would be so much better if we could do a small addition.” This is a common consultation for me. A family bought a home they were comfortable in that fit the budget at the time. Then the family grows. This confinement often starts...

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My Mother is moving in, now what?

I often see trends in my practice. A recurrent one, and one worthy of talking about, is multigenerational living. Grandma “Tuni” As a kid, I recall my Grandma Fortune Levitch moving in for some rehabilitation of yet another hip replacement. After eons of being wheelchair bound, she was a pioneer in hip replacement techniques and materials. She...

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If I Just Had One More Room

Like the 1800’s fairy tale Goldilocks and the three bears, having a home that is “Just Right” is often a moving target. All too often, we buy homes that are just a little bit too small. For whatever reason, I am called in to evaluate a home to discover some good options; The family grows...

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Rare Double Cantilever Technique Used in Boise

We recently completed an addition with a twist. Many have done drive by’s of our project on Five Mile Road. Few have commented on our amazing structural engineering feat. This is rare and not something that happens every day. Granted it looks pretty normal to the casual observer but there is some magic involved when...

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SIP Remodeling Now Available

SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) are a cool way to build structures. I was introduced to them formally when my brother Maurice built a duplex with them in the Bay Area. Years later, in a preliminary design meeting with a client here in Idaho, I suggested that SIP Construction was a cool way to build strong...

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