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Double Egress in East Boise

The Challenge: This home had a finished basement, 0ne room with drywall and the other with a common pine paneling. The exterior had a stamped concrete patio and it was reverse graded allowing moisture into the dark unsafe basement. The Idea: To remove concrete pad to allow for excavation, regrade the area and add two...

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Double Egress In Meridian

The Challenge: This home had a finished basement, with common pine paneling. The landlord realized that it was a safety issue to not have egress windows especially when children are living in the basement. The Idea: Create two egress qualified windows in the basement bedrooms and finish the interior walls to harmonize with the pine...

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Double Deep Egress

The Challenge: This was a 1960 home that was built well with foundations that were formed on both sides. The owner wanted to have his kids live in the basement but was worried about not having a way out in the event of an emergency. He also wanted the advantage of adding more natural light....

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Egress & Basement Upgrade

The Challenge: This home had a functional basement without an egress window. It smelled musty and we suspected moisture in the walls. The Idea: To remove the windows and upgrade to vinyl and add an egress window. The client wanted a paver window alcove. We started with one window to replace and added the two...

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Egress Door Into a Window

The Challenge: This was a 1937 non contributing home in Boise’s North End Historic District. It used to have a separate access from outside into a basement apartment. The new owners wanted to change the use and add safety as well as additional light. The Idea: Change the existing door into a large sliding Egress...

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Double Egress Windows Installation

The Challenge: Adding Egress windows is a favorite project of ours because it instantly increases the value of your home. It has the advantage of adding natural light and, heaven forbid if you do need to get out of your home in an emergency, it will make that task easier. The Idea: Add as much...

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