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Epa Erosion Control Responsible Person

Why of course I am the responsible person, I am responsible for everything. whether it goes right or wrong, my name is on the bottom line. Turns out it also is the term given to the licensed person who is “responsible” for keeping sediment from entering our street drains and ultimately our waterways. The class...

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Architectural Elements

Architectural elements are an essential part of bring character to a home or any building for that matter. Growing up with an architect for a father, I was exposed to things that most kids miss and or take for granted. Seeing the beauty in design like arches, corbels, roof lines, and massing gives one an...

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Construction and the law

During my youth and evolution from lemonade stand to real business, there has always been an undercurrent of doing things right. Integrity was instilled in me early as was my work ethic by my parents and boy scouts. It was later clarified with the help of my best friend and business partner Howard Olivier when...

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Stucco Top Coat

Stucco is not the cleanest or easiest or fastest product to install, in fact it has been the cause of a cluttered disorganized building site for several weeks. Stucco takes time to dry properly prior to the top coat being installed. Lots of hairline cracks appeared in the base coat, Worried I reached out to...

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Lead Testing Phase

As many of you are aware, The EPA made April 22nd, 2011 (Earth Day) the start of the RRP rule a program that mandates that all homes built prior to 1978 shall be considered leaded until tested otherwise. This in turn inspired Levco Builders to invest in additional training of employees and the purchase of...

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