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The Challenge:

Old Kitchen

Old Kitchen

This kitchen was a mess. It was screaming to be remodeled. It was U shaped and had a electric range on the end of the peninsula with  an inadequate hood. It had very little storage space, and a bad traffic pattern. The refrigerator was in the way and only one person could use the kitchen comfortably. The kitchen was isolated from the living room.

The Idea:

Open up the floor plan by eliminating a Bearing wall, make the kitchen L-shaped and eliminate the bad traffic pattern. Make the refrigerator at counter depth. Update the lighting. Make a kitchen that is inviting and easy for two or more people to use. Make the kitchen welcoming and an entertaining hub of the home.

The Solution:

We supported the roof structure and eliminated most of a bearing wall between the kitchen and living room. We created a peninsula on top of a half wall. We blocked off a hall recessing the refrigerator into it and creating a cabinet on the back side. We eliminated a soffit and reshaped the kitchen. We created a barn door to separate the den from the kitchen.

The Details:

Custom concrete counter tops. Switch out to stained oak flooring. Low profile mini can lights. Instant hot water dispenser. Cabinets upgrades including slow close hardware, breadboard and corner cabinet pullouts. Shaker style stained ash cabinets.

Investment Range: $30,000

Time Frame: 6 weeks