Come share a cup of Joe with Joe at Contractor Café

Anyone who knows me well knows that I enjoy a good cup of Joe.  I also have a bunch of useful knowledge about all things related to homes and remodeling that I am more than willing to share.

To put things together, (much like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups did with great success,) I will be setting up sessions at various coffee shops around town. I will be starting on Saturdays to meet with folks in a relaxed, no-obligation, no sales pitch, atmosphere for 30-minute time slots.


Would any of this information be helpful?

  • Do you need a referral to a trusted specialty contractor?
  • Do you have questions about the industry?
  • Are you wondering how some material will stand up to the climate?
  • Are you considering going into business for yourself?
  • Do you have home improvement projects to discuss?
  • Are you interested in avoiding common pitfalls?
  • Are you ready to tackle a DIY  project but worry about getting over your head?

As an icebreaker, “tell me where it hurts” has never failed me. In keeping with my tradition of enjoying problem-solving, I have expanded my reach to make myself available to the community at large on a scheduled basis. With my varied background, there is no telling where this will lead.

Here in the Treasure Valley, I have found that through teaching my Remodeling 101 class at Boise Community Education for the past several years, that there are all sorts of misnomers floating around about contractors and homes in general, I also learned that folks have lots of questions about their homes that I could likely easily answer if they would only ask.

Some Contractors have set up radio call-in shows, I choose to meet in person. To be clear, this is not a sales meeting. Bring me your questions, situations, and concerns and we will try to make sense of them all.

Contact us today at 208 (947-7261) to reserve your time slot.





First Contractor Cafe at Moxi Java 10-14

The venue was popular, Lots of groups gather here on Saturday mornings, I had a chance to read the paper and catch up on several magazines. I met a cool woman who was also a writer and discussed the benefit of writing. She was an English teacher that did not practice what she preached until she retired. Now she can get enough.

Next Contractor Cafe I will give some more notice to the public. I did get a great idea while I was there, I will look for a sponsor from a local lumber yard.