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Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 45 seconds

Casement Egress

The Challenge:

This home had a functional basement without an egress window. It smelled musty and we suspected moisture in the walls.

The Idea:

To remove the windows and upgrade to vinyl and add an egress window. The client wanted a paver window alcove. We started with one window to replace and added the two others with a Change Order

The Solution:

We removed the windows and the wall we found mold and had to clean it up. We also found that the old aluminum windows were installed from the inside, leaving an open pathway for water to enter the home. We insulated with foam rigid board and re-framed the wall to enclose her main water supply shut off.

The Details:

New trim and drywall, paver window surround, Amsco windows

Investment Range: $4,200

Time Frame: 2 weeks