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Double casements

The Challenge:

Adding Egress windows is a favorite project of ours because it instantly increases the value of your home. It has the advantage of adding natural light and, heaven forbid if you do need to get out of your home in an emergency, it will make that task easier.

The Idea:

Add as much light as possible and fresh air by adding side by side egress windows in the same room.

The Solution:

We hand dig our window wells to avoid ruining any wiring and or piping near your home. Then we dig well below the area that will be cut into your concrete wall. We waterproof the wall and back fill the area with drain rock and take the excess dirt away. Exterior window wells come in all shapes and sizes it just comes down to a personal choice. Interior trim out of the window usually harmonizes with the existing trim in the home.

The Details:

A temporary wall was added and a new micro-lam beam was inserted with a center support engineered to withstand the load of an exterior wall. Two vinyl windows were added below grade so historical review was passed. One large tiered window well was added with specially reinforced mesh cloth to support the retaining wall. The concrete path had to be broken out and relocated.

Investment Range range $6,800

Time Frame 7 days