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Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 43 seconds

The Challenge:

Remodeling addition Boise

New Addition

This is a home in a fairly new subdivision with CCNR rules. In addition to a building permit, we needed approval from the homeowners association. The addition is at the rear of the home and created a 20 x 20 or 400 sf addition. There is only access from the front of the home along the side.

The Idea:

To build an addition that is the same height as the home and uses extensions of the HVAC system.

The Solution:

We added a comfortable space and included a vaulted ceiling. During the project, we noticed that the window we had specked was too small. We were able to enlarge the window at no additional expense to the owner.

The Details:

Pergo brand flooring, operable windows, vaulted ceiling, and french doors.

Time Frame: 4 weeks