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The Challenge:

This is home in the Historic North end that is “contributing”. This means that altering the front is a big deal. We had a significantly altered structure and were able to show that a front porch had been enclosed, and a major addition had been done several years ago which included new windows and siding. We needed to convince the historic folks that we wanted to do was in good taste and would not ruin the contributing character, or charm of the home. On the interior, we had 3 levels of floor and a very low entry ceiling that we needed to fix.

The Idea:

Demolish the porch and create a more welcoming entry. We also wanted to add to the north opening a Bearing wall to create a large family room with a vaulted ceiling and a fireplace with shelving.

The Solution:

We came up with a great design that duplicated the shape of the existing home but on a smaller scale. The design is pleasing to the eye. The owners agree that it is impossible for the first-time viewer to recognize that we created an addition. The entry was altered slightly during the project to make the mass feel better.

The Details:

Fiberglass front door and slider door to back porch with integral blinds. Gas fireplace, vaulted trusses, stampeded concrete entry path, laminate flooring, downdraft stove exhaust, James Hardi siding. During the project we found an unsupported foundation wall and a seriously over-spanned beam.

Investment Range: $65,000

Time Frame: 14 weeks