Financing for Remodeling

The Back Story:

Years ago when Flying Pie Pizza was struggling to make ends meet, we started realizing that our competitors were beating us at the “coupon game”. We had a big brain storming session that led to an exchange rate for pizza coupons and we started taking coupons off the street like crazy and introducing folks to our product that would have otherwise been eating “Franchise coupon pizza” (yuk!).

Local Funding Available

This clever solution stuck with me and fostered the seeds of our Levco style financing program.

One of our biggest competitors in my days at Flying Pie Pizza was supermarket pizza. Today, big box home improvement stores are sneaking around doing remodeling projects in my neighborhood. Wanting to understand it and compete in our Levco gorilla marketing kind of way, I started to dabble in the world of offering financing to our clients. This was just a wild thought for several years, until an opportunity popped up and I successfully stole a project from Home Depot.

The Nibble Got Landed!
Got Ya!

One day, while shopping at a big box store, my friends filled out an application and were told within an hour or so that they qualified for more money than they needed! Wow! That felt pretty good to them, so they signed up… The following day, buyers remorse set in and they began to have second thoughts about their impulsive decision.

Concerned about the limited material selection they had to choose from, fear set in about quality and scheduling.  Anxiously wanting to back out, they hesitatingly approached me and asked if I could offer to help them out and take over.

One thing lead to another and the results were astonishing. They got a Levco remodeled bathroom and financing that fit their budget.

Levco Is Different

Folks, I understand that this is absolutely counter intuitive. Most remodelers and their tradesmen need to be paid on the spot “before the paint dries” as I like to say. Our system is born out of the need to maintain a competitive advantage. If you are short coming up with the funds needed to do a desperately needed project that you have been procrastinating on, contact us for help. After a decade in this business, I believe it is about time to shake things up a bit.

We are only offering in-house construction loans on projects we are involved in. We also have access to reasonable financing funding for all sorts of home improvement projects that you may qualify for. Based upon our experience and industry contacts, there is very little that we do not get involved in when it comes to improving and/or repairing your home.

There are many contractors out there that will entice you with low monthly payments, through far away financing firms, at high interest rates. We are not like them. “This is not how we roll.” Here is my take on the program “To be clear, the emphasis is on the remodeling, financing is just a means of getting the work done sooner, or frosting the cake if you will.”

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Replacing a roof.
  • Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Creating a basement.
  • Replacing a furnace or water heater.
  • Replacing windows and doors.
  • Doing an addition.
  • Replacing siding.
  • Putting on a porch.
  • Adding a fireplace.
  • Regrading a road or replacing a sewer line.
Our rates are competitive with local “Non-Predatory” lending institutions

If you are in need of financing to make a remodeling project happen now or perhaps you have some of the money but not all of it, and can afford a monthly payment, you may want to fill out our basic application and see what we can do for you.

While researching this topic, I kept coming back to this article about financing projects. This one stands out as being particularly helpful and informative. In it, they mention contractor financing as an option too.

Levco Remodeling

If this sounds like something you would like to explore with us, we can be reached at 208-947-7261 or use our contact page.

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