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Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 35 seconds

Garage Contractor Boise

There goes the shop

The Challenge:

A fire completely destroyed a garage / work shop. There was ample coverage but rebuilding the shop required code upgrades and an opportunity to use the space more efficiently.

The Idea:

Design a shop that incorporates the owners vast capabilities for woodworking and auto mechanics under one roof. it must have ample storage while maintaining space to work. Create a energy efficient year round comfortable environment that is well lit. incorporate exhaust and air circulation with a duct collection system and dedicated plumbed in compressed air.

The Solution:

We managed to keep the orientation and placement of the structure but increased the height, we also created storage in the attic with a bonus room truss design. We provided gas, and separate electric meter, as well as insulated the structure to new residential code. We used copper to plumb the compressed air, and incorporated a dust collection system

The Details:

Bonus room trusses, 2 x 6 construction, Insulated garage door with windows, insulated doors, Hot Dawg furnace Exhaust fan with damper.

The Time Frame: 2 months

The price range: $45,000

I saw what looked like my friend Ron on Channel 7 standing in front of his burning garage. Turns out the fire was caused by a rechargeable battery he had just had rebuilt. He placed it in the charger just before he went in for a bite of supper. It was shortly after sitting down for a meal in the house adjacent to the garage, when the lights began to flicker and he ran out to see his shop nearly engulfed. Unfortunately (or not) The fire Department was out of position and had trouble finding his home. The deck gun ultimately put the fire out from the street. By the time it was done, we weren’t even able to save the foundations.