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The Challenge:

My shop

My shop

I built this project for myself. I bought the neighbors home and did a lot line adjustment. The parcel had a bare dirt lot and in addition to doing a whole house remodeling project I knew I wanted to create my dream shop. It had to be connected to my property and have a basement a car hoist and plenty of space for me to be creative with woodworking and metal working.

The Idea:

Start from scratch and build a garage with a bonus room truss. This would allow for an apartment above.

The Solution:

We worked with the building department to build a structure that we could be proud of. It is the only two story building in the area so it has a great view as well.

The Details:

ADU: One bedroom studio apartment, full bath, living room, bedroom, large covered deck, skylight, vaulted ceiling, separate HVAC systems.

SHOP: Hydraulic floor hoist, Compressed air throughout, Hot water system, basement with internal stairwell, bathroom, gas heat, air conditioning, two repurposed insulated garage doors, Repurposed metal halide lighting. Music, security system.


Time Frame: 3 months