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Garage Project Gallery

Garages are a wonderful thing to have. Levco understands the difference between a work space and storage space. A great garage is something that can’t be described in simple terms.

  1. We create them from scratch
  2. We remodel existing ones
  3. We do garage additions

Our gallery is made up of images of completed projects we created with our clients over many years. Most folks have some form of garage envy.

We have done simple and complex garages. There are all sorts of garages, many of ours include usable space or a dwelling above that makes the garage even more functional.

What you don’t see is that each one started with a phone call and a visit to evaluate existing conditions by an enthusiastic remodeler.

To look at the details of all garage projects click here

Whether you see the garage of your dreams in our images, or not. We are always eager to discuss garages and your unique situation. Contact us today to book a visit 208-947-7261

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