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Garages come in all sizes and shapes from the “code bumpers” (ones that we have to ask for special permission to build from the community and neighbors) to the basic ones that house a vehicle and have no utilities. It does not matter to us. Every situation and need is different, and no two are exactly alike.


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New or Remodeled Garages

Garages are a safe haven for all sorts of things that you can’t easily do in your home. There is a clear delineation in my mind, but there are also grey areas. Rule benders abound; trust me on this. I recall when I was looking for my first home, I was primarily interested in location, my secondary request to my realtor was to find a garage with an attached house. Putting the emphasis on the thing I wanted most was important, yet I still settled for less.

Later, I was able to transform my one car garage into a home office and build myself a spectacular garage with an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) above. Although there are larger garages in the area, none are a better fit than mine for me! It even has a basement.

Being the proud owner of a spectacular garage, I understand a few things about what separates a great garage from a ho-um one. I have consistently given my clients more than they had in mind when the conversation started.


Rationale for creating a great garage:

  • Craft spaces
  • Protecting your vehicles from the elements
  • Welding projects
  • Woodworking spaces
  • Exercising space
  • Automotive repair space
  • Climate controlled spaces for an office or musical instruments
  • Storage of stuff
  • The list goes on and on indefinitely

Once you realize that you need a garage, or the one you have is just too small, it is usually too late. You are either destined to have eternal garage envy or you can do something about it. I like to think that Levco is the place for you to share your pain and get something done. The question is whether remodeling an existing garage or  creating one from scratch is the best solution. We do both, and have the experience and perspective to add to the conversation.

Construction techniques may vary. We have created garages for clients using multiple techniques.

  1. Traditional stick framing
  2. Pole barn style
  3. SIP panel style