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Levco has gotten some great feedback from home evaluations we have done. We are remodeling specialists. We are not “licensed home inspectors”. That being said, I am a licensed and registered contractor with 10+ years in the industry, and perfectly qualified to be giving an opinion, especially on an older home.

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Home evaluations can be done for any reason:

In one case we were able to quantify the amount of dollars that would be required to fix what a home inspector said was “typical settling for the age of the home.” Our evaluation saved the client $5,000 on the purchase price of her home.

In another case we were able to do a walk through and evaluate a home with a first time home buyer. The client, with her home inspection report in hand, was able to understand her report better and we created a prioritized list of the issues she was going to need to budget for in the coming years.

Structural issues:

  1. It appeared as if the house was sliding down the hill, I evaluated it with my structural engineer and provided a detailed report with several options and cost to repair.
  2. A client called to determine if the wall he was removing was structurally important. “Good question”, I said and headed over to verify that it was not. “You were cheap insurance”, he said as I headed out.
  3. The front porch was sinking, after a close evaluation the problem was fixable and a realistic solution to a complicated chronic problem.
  4. A huge void was forming under a concrete slab, before it cracked we were able to fill it and prevent further issues.
  5. A concrete slab sunk and was a trip hazard. We elevated it and eventually, made it safe again.


We have the knowledge and the experience to give energy advice. We have testing equipment including thermal imaging cameras to identify exactly where your home is doing great or failing. We have access to blower door testing which can tell us exactly where you are lacking a good seal and therefore loosing energy efficiency. We have the information on energy efficiency upgrades some of which may seem energy efficient but in the long run are not.


Can your home kill you? sure it can. Every home could use a safety audit. This is a service that is in it’s infancy.

Wouldn’t it be great to have it inspected and have third party verification of issues that are lingering?

From tripping hazards, to fire, or flooding hazards, we have responded to it all. At Levco it is not unusual to find problems that we have been able to nip in the bud. We have a tremendous number if inspection tools and techniques to identify problems ranging from Carbon monoxide testing to mold and everything in between.

Did you know that the area we live in is considered a “moderate” Radon environment? The further north you live the more the danger exists.

Let us provide a safety or energy audit at your home or a friend’s home today. The health and safety you are protecting is precious.

You have to pay to play

A typical home inspection evaluation and feet on the ground inspection with report is $350. Depending upon the complexity and magnitude of the issues.

A typical structural inspection with report is also $350, again it can vary upon the magnitude and issues.

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