I am a natural connector of people so, it was to no one’s surprise that I have created this page for my business.

Remodeling is a relationship-based business. There are those that I love to work with together to remodel homes and all the things that go along with that. Let’s face it we live in a wonderful community that has nearly everything we need to survive and prosper. Naturally there are those that I want to work with more than others. Please make no judgments about those that are not on the list and are not promoted here.

The internet, although robust, is not a replacement for local vendors and supplies. I encourage you to please think long and hard before you hit the “place your order button”. Supporting our local economy is important. That being said, I use the internet too when I can’t find what I am looking for. With luck, this page will offer some helpful information.

Why is he sharing this precious information?

This page is designed to be a self-guided tour for those that need a little help or are “Outa-Towners” moving in from parts unknown.  This is a tool for my friends and acquaintances to use without interrupting me.

The page will grow and shrink over time. As we refine the list feel free to make recommendations to me. Remember “it is my list, not yours”, so I have the say-so as to who I chose to promote. Just because your favorite place or fella that fixes stuff is not on the list means nothing. Thanks, The management.

Examples of how it works

Seen on Facebook, My AC is dead 🙁 it’s up in the 80″s inside! help, I need a recommendation! I cast the line “I got a guy for that…” I was not only able to get it fixed the same day but for less than a typical HVAC response fee. That included parts! Now that’s what I am talking about!

All I want in return is…

All I want in return is some feedback. Rather than having to ask, I have done my job by referring those that I do business with in most cases and that I love. your job is to get me feedback on them. Tell um ” Joe Levitch, at Levco sent you”, then get back to me with a review. Pretty simple, but oh so very very important. (Do not skip the feedback part!) You can help to get this referral network really rolling.

How do I get on the list?

For starters contact us through the comment section of this page, click here, or call us and explain what you’ve got going and we will see if you are a good fit. Eventually, we will have a landing page where I can share why I want you listed, then link to your page.

Vendors / Materials / Supplies

Construction materials

  • Capital Lumber These guys are my neighborhood store they have been around since dirt and can help you get what you need

Used construction materials

  • Second Chance These guys have some very cool stuff and they are in business for a great cause we donate here regularly

Plumbing fixtures

  • Ferguson  You name it plumbing lighting and appliances nice showroom
  • Keller Supply These guys have many of the same things as the others but some exclusive things too


Plumbing assistance parts and more

Assistance with rare or hard to find plumbing parts

  • Plumbing Parts 6127 Franklin Road Boise Id 208-343-9057 They have rare and hard-to-find parts as well as some old standards. Not a high touch place be prepared to be ignored if you are not a regular. I bring parts with me and play stump the plumber for fun. Strictly business, not for the weekend warrior.


  • Nampa Floors We have a favorite salesperson here but I am confident that  anyone can do you a good job


  • Rodda These guys stay up to date with the latest and greatest stuff they have what you need and although they cater to the contractor they can help the guy off the street
  • Sherwin Williams These guys have everything you need and can give good advice.

Tools & Related items

  • KC Supply These guys have good quality tools in the area. They have expert advice and stay up on the news in tools. Way better than a big box store and they fix many popular models and makes
  • Western tool These guys do a good job and have a nail gun repair shop

Tool repair

  • KC supply If it can be or should be fixed then this is the place to take it.

Tool sharpening

  • Dave’s Resharp These guys are neighbors and do a wonderful job of sharpening anything dull you might have. 115 E 35th St Garden City Idaho 83714 208-344-4023

Used tools

Sub trades & specialists


  • Point Architects These guys are neighbors and do wonderful work we look forward to creating a symbiotic relationship




  • Performance engineers These guys stand out in a crowd. My prerequisite is that they know what they’re doing and have construction experience.

Carpet layers

  • Jim Pedigo 208-283-3309 Great guy, gets it done, great communicator, does not need to be babysat.
  • Tom Cahoon 208-859-2568 needs to schedule way in advance. Very popular and methodical, on the higher end of the scale price-wise but worth it.


  • Stull Masonry. John is semi-retired and is a full-time teacher. Call us for more details

Tile and granite









  • Express Plumbing These guys do service work and are quick to respond. They are talented, enthusiastic, and have been a go-to place for me for years on the service side

Hardwood floors

  • QC flooring Juan is amazing, I met him at the hardwood supply shop and he willingly gave me advice. We hit it off and we have used him for years.

Home inspection

  • AAD These guys get it right the first time and produce wonderful reports, extremely knowledgeable, professional, and quick turnaround. Willing to teach.

Sprinkler blowouts

  • Mikes’ Backflow Mike knows how to do the job and just gets it done then lets you know it is taken care of. 208-713-9951