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The Challenge:

Original Kitchen

Original Kitchen

This is a home was in need of a larger kitchen. The home was built in 1938. The plan took shape when the clients wife called him to say she just bought an island! terrified he was imagining spending the rest of his life in isolation somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Thankfully it was a butcher block piece of furniture that was the center piece of the design. This home is in a historic district but deemed non-contributing due to major alterations in the past.

The Idea:

To add 12′ to the home and male the kitchen into a large L-shaped kitchen with an island. Add a second story above it with an office. Include a dining area, pantry and a mud room.

The Solution:

the 12′ addition was a perfect fit. attaching the new to old was a challenge but we got it.

The Details:

Custom cabinets, concrete countertops, chalkboard door, island in the middle, raised dishwasher, tile floor.

Investment Range: $85,000

Time Frame: 8 weeks