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Finished Kitchen

The Challenge:

This is a home on a hillside in Boise’s North End that had a bathroom between the tight kitchen and the view. It also had a raised platform for a dining area that was a tripping hazard. We needed to relocate the bathroom and open up the kitchen.

The Idea:

To relocate the bathroom into an abandoned fireplace chimney chase and open the kitchen up to the dining area.

The Solution:

Took out the fireplace flu and relocated a closet to a cabinet. We also re-framed several walls finding an inadequate return air chase that we also fixed. We Also replaced all of the cabinetry and eliminated the dining room platform. We relocated the person door into the garage making the kitchen wide open.

The Details:

4′ white oak 31 flooring.  A custom 2- 3/4″ reclaimed oak counter top. Multiple specialty pullouts. New tile entry. Owner tiled vanity top and back splash.

Investment Range: $53,000

Time Frame: 6 weeks

  • Looking at those pictures it looks like you guys did a really great job

  • Joe Levitch

    Thanks, The clients were very happy, There is little more satisfying than opening up a kitchen especially when there is a view involved.

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