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Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 3 seconds

Updated island

The Challenge:

This is a home that was fairly original, built in the 1970’s and recently put on the market. It suffered from being too tight in the kitchen with 3′ between island and stove with oppressive dark oak and a formal dining room the made the home feel cramped . The challenge was to open up the kitchen dining room and living room while dealing with a Bearing wall holding up a terracotta tile roof.

The Idea:

The original plans were available and the new owners wanted to make sure the project was possible. Once I explained what was possible the plan quickly jelled. Remove the formal dining room and relocate the island

The Solution:

The owners had magazine pictures of what they wanted and within a few modifications of the description of work we were able to come up with the plans. After supporting the roof with a temporary wall we removed and rebuilt the bearing wall in a structurally sound way to accomplish the task

The Details:

Granite counter tops, 4′ between the cabinets and the island. Closing off the octagonal window and tiling the back splash, hardwood flooring thought to harmonize with the kitchen.