“I know Joe”

For years this little saying has amused me, plagued my employees, and close friends that really do know me. I know a tremendous number of people and even more know me, that comes from wearing many hats over the years, and often being in the limelight.

Suffice it to say, I used to answer my phone “Friend or foe?” I genuinely love and connect with people. As they say “No man is an island”. Here is my brief story and that of my amazing team.


Joe Levitch

My name is Joe Levitch, I grew up in my father’s shadow remodeling in Berkeley, California. After graduating from high school, I took a hiatus from remodeling and school to pursue my interest in emergency medicine to become an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).

I worked in West Oakland California for 2 years, then attended Stanford University Medical Center’s Paramedic program. I worked in San Mateo County as a Paramedic up until September of 1980 when I came to Boise to rescue a bankrupt business, Flying Pie Pizza, which has made national news for good things on many occasions.

Flying Pie is renowned for its quality, creativity, and care for the community on both sides of the counter. I have since sold my portion of that business.

I continued to pursue my love of emergency medicine with Ada County Paramedics for 10 years. I am a founding member of Saint Alphonsus Life Flight and proudly worked for Air Saint Luke’s as well. I recently retired from EMS altogether at the top of my carrier after 37 years of service.

In 2001, I bought and completely remodeled several homes in my neighborhood and rediscovered the joy of remodeling. On 5-5-2005, I established Levco Builders LLC. (Paying homage to my father’s company that initiated me into the industry) so that I could remodel a neighbor’s home legally.

Professional Affiliations

  • I am an active member of NARI (The National Association of the Remodeling Industry) and serve as a chairman of several committees for our local chapter including Safety, Contractors who care, and Membership. I am a Master Certified Remodeler through the organization and also earned my Universal Design Certified Professional recognition.
  • I am the Regional Associate for TRP (The Reuse People of America) A non-profit group that fosters the love for reuse, repurposing, and recycling of building materials.
  • I am on the Boise School District Construction Program Advisory board. A group dedicated to making construction cool for high school students
  • I am an active member of the Sunrise Rotary Club A worldwide service organization “Service before self “ I am on the board in charge of community service.

I have been honing my remodeling skills while practicing remodeling, primarily in Boise Idaho in the older part of town called The North End, where I live.

As I gather momentum towards my goal of becoming the “go-to” remodeling firm in the treasure valley. I am solving all sorts of interesting problems and developing exciting new ways to exceed the expectations of my clients.

This is done through clear leadership, continuing education, persistence, great communication, the hard work and dedication of my staff, trusted trade partners, and an involved board of directors. I say “We are only as good as our reputation”. To that end, I am building a solid world-class company that can handle all sorts of residential and light commercial remodeling projects.

Every day we strive to create repeatable excellence and grow a vibrant community of remodeling clients by using best practices and sound business practices.

My outside interests include vintage British vehicles, woodworking, writing, and fixing anything and everything.

I am currently publishing my blog and encourage you to sign up to receive my posts. Use our contact page or set up a meeting at Contractor Cafe.


My staff

In order to be a real business, it takes employees to execute my vision. This is no small task, as my dreams are grand and vivid. Like JR Simplot and other successful business owners before me, I have assembled a wonderful team of exceptional individuals. I have essentially surrounded myself with like-minded folks with a myriad of life experiences to accomplish the work. Here is a snapshot of my amazing team members.

Cindy Sparks

Cindy is our Office Manager, Bookkeeper, and the HR department. If you call us, odds are pretty good you will be greeted by Cindy. Her accountant talents are providing the sanity I have needed for years. Who knew there were amazing folks like her out there. She brings an amazing level of energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. The synergy she is creating a groundswell of activity and accountability. We are caught up and organized finally. Look for great things to happen.

Personal Note: I had to make sure Cindy was real before she started working here. To hire such a talented person was like winning the lottery but better. Cindy is responsible for me regaining my confidence and sense of stability. She is a team player and is raising the expectations and accountability around her.

Alyne Branson

Alyne has returned to Levco in a new position. She has played many roles this one is special. As an estimator, she is doing the lion’s share of pre-construction duties. She is involved in everything that has to do with design. Organizational and communication skills come naturally to her.

Personal Note: Alyne gets it, in life things are complicated and difficult, she is one that stands back and reflects then shares her perceptions and ideas to constantly improve what we are doing to serve our clients.

Brant Dilworth

Brant is a go-getter, he comes from a frontier family that is used to living off the land. He learned his work ethic from his father and the marines. He brings a strong sense of order and discipline to the mix. He has grown up from the ranks to his new Project Manager position. There is no job he won’t do. He is learning quickly and sets the pace when it comes to demolition and he understands how homes go together. He is a keeper of the culture and understands why we are here and how precious Levco is. Brant has risen through the ranks and is now taking a Certified Lead Carpenter course through NARI national.

Personal Note:
Brant is a fisherman and a mechanic. No machine phases him. He loves tools and using them. Often the one who offers to pitch in he has matured into his current position. I believe he is one of our biggest cheerleaders. Great to have him on our team.


Mark Mitchell

Mark is learning a new skill to add to his resume. He is a thoughtful hard worker with tons of varied experience. He has been an entrepreneur and when given a task accomplishes it and asks whats next? He is tooled up and often the first one at work. His dry sense of humor and quiet nature is not to be confused with a stoic personality.

Personal Note: Mark is a calm steady guy that is eager to get work done. He is an early riser like me so we get to chat often. His support role is perfect for the crews and he is in high demand. Mark has won the coveted KA award twice. Once for going above and beyond, and most recently for showing that he cares.

Kenyon McWilliams

Kenyon is a local boy who found his passion in high school. He took classes to learn as much as he could then worked with his family in residential remodeling for several years. He took a fork in the road to dabble in commercial construction for a few years then wandered back to his roots and first love. 

Personal Note: Kenyon brings serious skills and a calm confident personality. With a can-do approach to all of our projects, he is a huge asset to our team.

Jayson Hartmann

Jayson is a carpenter with an attitude. A positive one that is contagious,  He hails from the midwest where he remodeled homes, he also spent time doing commercial construction and running multiple crews. With 10+ years in the industry, he has more skills and experience than he wants us to know about. Most recently from Washington, he has found a place where he wants to settle down.

Personal Note: I caught Jason dancing on a top plate of a second-floor waiting for another truss to be swung into place. Happiness and joy come flowing out of the guy. He recently calmed me when I was apologizing for a less than stellar handoff of a new project. “Joe, this is 100% better than any handoff I have ever received from any previous employer”. I appreciate you man!

Although I am not a member “accredited” read (pay for credibility) from the BBB for many reasons. I discovered that I have an A rating. (Weird)

Our reputation is built upon a far more stable foundation than any “for-profit outfit” masquerading as a “Non-profit governmental agency” consumer protection organization can bestow. IMHO, a great reputation is earned one client at a time.

For the same reason, Guild Quality, another rating service, can take a hike as well.