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The Challenge:

The Owners had a new son and no Master Suite. They already had a basement but the home was just too small.

The Idea:

The home built in 1943 it was in the North End Historic District and contributing. This constrained us to not doing a second-floor. Build an “L” shaped addition with a basement. Weave it into the design to make it seem like it was built this way originally.

The Solution:

We designed an addition that turned a bathroom into a hallway to the new space behind the home with a stairwell down to a large 9′ ceiling basement family room with a wet bar.

The Details:

We had to deal with a bad plumbing subcontractor and redo his work. We also ended up redoing our basement waterproofing twice. Ultimately, we learned a lot about waterproofing basements. The project turned out wonderfully. This is not the first time we’ve used this solution in the neighborhood.