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Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 52 seconds

The Challenge:

New Garage

New Garage

The Owner had a small functional garage that was towards the back of his property. When he purchased the property, he envisioned a large shop attached to the old one. He had owned several homes with large garages and he knew exactly what he wanted. The city had restrictions on the size of the structure and we had to work within those guidelines to make it all work.

The Idea:

Attach the new structure to the old. Have it insulated to be able to work year round. Unlike most pole barn structures, eliminate a row of poles and span with Glulam beams

The Solution:

We worked with the city, the neighbors, and engineer, to make a very large and strong structure that works. We did not create a second story. We were required to cut two feet off the front from what we wanted.

The Details:

Pole Barn style construction, Insulated, Barn door between shops, Bathroom, Loft

Investment Range: $120,000

Time Frame: 3 months