Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you have some recommendations on what I should look for in a remodeler? YES! Fill out the form on our contact page and I will e-mail a PDF of a pamphlet I wrote that will help.
    • What does belonging to NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) mean? Being a member is all about affiliations with professionals. We meet and participate in continuing education. We have a code of ethics, and we do cool things to help the community. NARI members socialize and we share our knowledge as well as our expertise with each other. We influence things that are happening in our industry on a national level and we are connected to a vibrant network of other professionals throughout the nation.
    • You say you are licensed but there is no requirement for that in Idaho. What’s the advantage? In an effort to raise the level of professionalism in a state that would rather not have government interference in their lives, I joined the professional remodeling contractor’s association out of eastern Idaho that provides a voluntary remodeling license. I am an active member of their board and agree that it is just one more way to differentiate my firm from the pack.

What does Levco specialize in?

    • Do you work in older homes? Yes, we specialize in working on vintage homes. I grew up in one and I live in one now. I love to do projects that are impossible to see where the old was and the new starts. In fact, I hugged a lady during an open house who asked this very question in a home we doubled in size.
    • Do you do smaller jobs? We do, in certain situations. We understand that a small repair or adding a door may be the first step of a larger project. It is not uncommon for us to do three different remodeling projects for the same client over several years.

Remodeling is expensive, how much does a remodeling project typically cost in our area?

    • Where can I find realistic numbers for how much stuff costs? Levco has a link to a good insight into costs. Currently, pricing is extremely volatile. What we know is that prices are changing dramatically. Cost vs
    • Does Levco offer in-house financing? No. Find a local lending source that understands how to finance remodeling projects by looking at the value-added by what we plan to do to your home. We can make suggestions. READ MORE
    • Can you explain how your payment schedule works? We use a project-centric payment schedule that encourages and rewards progress. Payments start at contract signing then pause. They commence again when the project starts until finished. It is matched with the financial needs of the project to the end.
    • What are my options if in-house financing through Levco isn’t a great fit? Levco has established relationships with several outside lending institutions that are willing to assist qualified borrowers to kick start a project or deal with an unexpected repair.

How does Levco handle the details?

    • Will I be able to pick my own materials? Yes, you will have help from our decorator selecting materials. Ideally, all materials are selected along with the layout of things like tile in our master selection sheet, prior to signing the remodeling agreement. This way there is no confusion. READ MORE
    • What if I want to use materials I already own? We strongly discourage homeowners from doing this. No matter how hard you try, you will inevitably get the wrong or damaged parts. This ends up in misunderstandings and frustration. Our experience is that it leads to delays and increased cost. Just remember that there are rules and limitations and this is handled on a case-by-case basis.  READ MORE
    • Can I do some of the work? Yes, we allow sweat equity. In many cases, a client bonds more with the home through providing sweat equity. We develop a clear understanding of what you would be doing during the Design Phase and include it in the DOW. If it is not agreed to in writing prior to the work being done it is considered a gift to the project. We have taught folks how to participate and find the collaboration refreshing.  READ MORE
    • Will you, Joe, personally be working on my project? I have hired employees that do the lion’s share of the work. This includes everything from project management & supervision to scheduling & clean up. Communications during the remodeling phase go through your Project Manager and Construction Manager, although I am kept abreast of the daily progress on every project. I do not usually get involved in the hammer swinging phase.  READ MORE

What can I expect if I hire Levco?

    • Responsiveness: We are easy to reach and frequently respond within minutes.
    • Quality: In a world where the cheapest, lowest acceptable quality is the norm, we go the other way.
    • Flexibility: We understand that remodeling is dynamic and that changing small things along the way makes sense.
    • Accountability: We understand that it is not who’s wrong, it is what’s wrong. We are spring-loaded to do the right thing.
    • Guaranteed workmanship: We have numerous examples of taking care of our clients long after the job is completed
    • Size: We are big enough to have the subcontractors to get large jobs done.
    • Cooperation: We have developed a system of remodeling that avoids common pitfalls.