Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 24 seconds

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 24 seconds

The Challenge:

Tub with elevated window

This was a 1936 home with one functional bathroom centered between the two bedrooms of the first floor. With a new baby on the way, a larger more efficient bathroom was necessary. There is still a potential master bathroom downstairs. The window was too low for a shower and the space was too small. We also wanted to keep the interior hallway lighted with natural light. Lead testing services provided by Lead Locators LLC. Storage was important to maintain.

The Idea:

Steal some closet space from the larger bedroom and relocate the toilet. Raise the window and use tile. Consider a window in the door.

The Solution:

We used a pocket door and installed a custom frosted half window in it. We raised the window and used a stock window that had been ordered incorrectly on a previous project. Lots of plumbing in the basement was corrected and upgraded to ABS.

The Details:

We used an acrylic tub that was narrow and deep. We used a tempered frosted window in the pocket door. Custom shelving and a cabinet over the toilet ended up providing as much storage as there was prior to the remodel. An additional closet was constructed in the bedroom to make up for what was borrowed. Marmolium flooring. round front toilet and sconces on either side of the medicine cabinet were added. Special roofing shingles were used to blend the exterior siding. One wall was leaded and the cast iron tub was removed using LSWP  (lead safe work practices). Post project cleaning verification was accomplished and passed.

Investment Range $16,000

Time Frame 4 weeks