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The Challenge:



A fire which started as a result of a faulty battery charger for a golf cart ruined an attached garage in the middle of three town homes. The fire department thought it was stopped but it rekindled during the night.

Extensive fire damage occurred in one unit and smoke in the second. The only thing damaged in the third was siding. No one was hurt. This happened in mid December. Fortunately the residents had relatives and friends to live with

The Idea:

Dry things out and keep them warm to prevent frozen pipes. Mitigation was done by others and Levco did the rebuild. A portable natural gas furnace was installed and kept us warm during the project. Damage included 7- 50′ trusses in the home, all of the garage trusses, all of the ceilings.

The Solution:

We were able to find the original truss manufacturer who made our trusses quickly, windows and doors were supplied  and The Garden City Building Department was very cooperative. Code upgrades were made and the structures were rebuilt quickly and efficiently. To prevent a similar situation a heat sensor was placed in the garage tied to the smoke alarm system.

The Details:

Rebuild to pre-fire conditions. Some minor changes were also made to the structure based upon what we learned from the way the fire spread to prevent a recurrence.

The Time Frame: 3 months

The price range: $160,000

This project was made possible because my insurance company suffered a large loss and refereed me to the clients. An adjustor familiar with large losses came from the Midwest to appraise the situation. Upon meeting everyone on site it was obvious that I was well informed and capable of putting the homes back together. I was chosen on the spot to do the work. I have never met more appreciative clients and considered this one of our best projects to date.