Universal Design

We have adopted the concept of Universal Design and gradually melded our methods to include this world wide movement into our remodeling processes.

Few homes were built with the tenants of Universal Design in mind.

We have the experience and talent to update your home without making it into a health care facility.

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    Universal Design

    Here is a link to articles I have written and projects we have created for our clients related to Universal Design

    Our Universal Design Philosophy:

    The design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without adaptation or specialized design.

    • A user-friendly approach to design in the living environment where people of any culture, age, size, weight, race, gender and ability can experience an environment that promotes their health, safety and welfare today and in the future.

     You don’t need to be disabled to enjoy Universal Design features

    By being a niche remodeling firm, we have become a resource for several groups of clients in the realm of Universal Design.

    1. Those that understand that this is their last home purchase and want to live out their lives existing where they are.
    2. They want us to make a home functional for special needs.
    3. Those that have relatives that they feel would prefer to live in a residence rather than an institution.
    4. Those that want to have a multigenerational living arrangement.
    5. Those that have had a medical crisis like a stroke or trauma and need to get back home as soon as able to recuperate with your loved ones.
    ADA VS. Universal Design

    The Americans with Disabilities Act is over 20 years old. It is  a different animal and refers to requirements in public buildings. Many of the same great design ideas can be incorporated into your home.

    What we do with UD (Universal Design) is adapt the ideas into what is possible from a remodeling point of view. Anything is possible, but we want it to be practical too. Our goal is to make your home comfortable and safe without having an institutional feel.


    Why choose Levco?

    The question to ask is what special qualifications are necessary to do this work? Why not just have a handyman neighbor or weekend warrior do the work?

    At Levco, remodeling is our passion and we bring a tremendous number or resources and background to the table. In addition to our daily “do it right the first time” approach to fixing homes, we bring my medical background into the mix.

    To my knowledge, I am still the only NARI certified Universal Design contractor in the State of Idaho. We also have an extensive number of resources to call upon for backup, including the areas most talented PT’s (Physical Therapists), and OT’s (Occupational Therapists) who can provide the best needs assessment available.

    We believe in what we are doing

    Levco is working with local EMS companies to evaluate homes and build a needs assessments for preventing in-home fall hazards. We are even on the front lines in the fight to get local building codes to catch up with us in the realm of barrier free showers.

    Combine this with our experience in this area and access to adaptive technologies and you have a recipe for success. Let’s face it, in the world of remodeling, the biggies are bathroom and kitchen modifications. Here are some that we specialize in:

    Adaptive technologies

    • Fold down shower benches
    • Grab bars
    • Integrated alarms and alerts
    • Hoists and rail systems
    • Stair lifts and elevators
    • Kitchen cabinetry modifications
    • Access ramps and railings
    • Safe Stoves and appliance suggestions

    Universal Design features

    • Lever door handles and touch code access
    • Roll in showers
    • Sitting door style tubs, some with shower door option (They have fallen from favor lately but are still available)
    • Comfort height toilets
    • Non-skid flooring
    • Better lighting
    • Three foot wide doorways
    • Proper counter height and roll in cabinet design.
    • Redesigned stairs to change rise and run with railings

    Levco has you covered

    Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions and install or modify whatever is necessary without taking away from the value or character of the home. After our complementary in-home analysis, we can provide you with prioritized recommendations, an OPC (Opinion of Cost) or a brief proposal for upgrades.

    To ask questions or get more information about Universal Design and remodeling, email me  directly or visit our contact page, Or call 208-947-7261

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