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Ready to remodel your home?  Licensed Treasure Valley remodeler, specializing in renovating vintage homes. 

“We create what you imagine!” – Joe Levitch

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How Our  Process Works.

When you call we will listen carefully to learn what you are interested in having done. We will ask a series of inquisitive focused questions to get the ball rolling and help us to determine if a site visit is appropriate.

If it sounds good, we will offer to book a convenient discovery session with you. There is no better way to grasp your ideas than to be relaxed in the space together. Ideally everyone with a stake in the outcome of the project will be able to attend. Plan our onsite visit to last about an hour.

We will prepare you by sending some helpful information by email to set the stage for success.

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Our Latest Projects

Classy Garage Modification

Classy Garage Modification

The Challenge: The Owner had a 2 door garage with a central post in between doors that was obstructive. He had to move his car out to allow the golf cart in and out. The Idea: Use a large header to replace the two previous ones and get a large insulated garage door to...

2 Story Addition in Historic North End

2 Story Addition in Historic North End

The Challenge: The home had an enclosed back porch that was a transition to a basement with plans to have the second story enlarged to finally have a Master Bedroom Suite. The home is in the Historic District and it is a contributing home. The project is in the rear...

Wake Boat- RV Bay Addition

Wake Boat- RV Bay Addition

The Challenge: The Owner had a 3 car garage but the 3rd car bay was too small for his new wake boat. There was room to make it larger. The Idea: Expand the garage to the setback to add 10' and make it taller and much deeper. Sacrificing a window in the master bath was...

Our Latest News

Levco Turns 17

Levco Turns 17

Levco turned 17 on Cinco De Mayo in a small ceremony we celebrated another annual milestone. Reflecting I realized that I have accomplished so many things, I am truly blessed to be part of a great company of dedicated and talented people that gathered in this way to...

Day of Gratitude 9-21 Every Year

Day of Gratitude 9-21 Every Year

I participated in a celebration of life and beating the odds with Paul Tillotson. When faced with information that caps your life expectancy, you have two options, give in, or fight. It provided new meaning to the word deadline. Two years past the ominous date is...

Residential Remodeling Unmasked

Residential Remodeling Unmasked

The Boise School District is offering a Residential Remodeling Class again as part of their adult education program next week. I encourage those interested in learning more about the industry are welcome to attend. I will provide a presentation to get the juices...

Boise’s Go-To Remodeler

Our goal is to become the “go-to” remodeling firm in the treasure valley. We solve all sorts of interesting problems and develop exciting new ways to exceed the expectations of our clients.

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