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Levco Builders Design Process

The nuts and bolts of how we do it here. 

We have been praised up one side and down the other for having a process that makes sense. Does that mean that others do not? No, however, We keep working on ours because we want this process to be the best too discover all of the unknowns before we start to swing a hammer.

First, it has to be easy and logical, easily understandable, and easy to follow. We call it a path that you can follow. It has to build towards something and have a sense of accomplishment as well as a handful of deliverables upon completion. By the end, there must be clarity.

Ready-Aim-Fire! Is The Overarching Principal

If done out of order, you can imagine how inaccurate you would be. As we have made strides to improve our processes the results are stunning. Faster designs getting through into construction. Less complications from unknowns. No more mutual mystification. Better descriptions of the deliverables and more information for our workers. One of the more valuable process improvements have come with our 360 IGUIDE camera. This has catapulted our process because we are no longer waiting for others to draw the as-built plans. Drafting with clients is the gooey part for me because I love to explore what is possible. It is a creative high to share my passion for architecture.

The goal of the process is to share an exact same understanding of what you want to accomplish in your home so we can figure out what it will take to get it done financially and physically. All of our project require time to figure it all out. We use our own staff to build and multiple sub-specialties to do the licensed trades like HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing. This is where we do our due diligence to make sure we are accurate.

In our Design Development Agreement we get it all figured out as quickly and efficiently as possible with your participation, typically between 60-90 days.

This Is Where We:

  • Work together to design the project. 
  • Describe the scope of the project in detail. 
  • Work together to select Finish Material selections.
  • Estimate the project to derive a Contract Amount.

There are no shortcuts to great pre-construction documentation. We have taken this process to the panicle. It is the best process FFN. Which simply means that until we find a way to improve upon a great process, this is the way we do it here!

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