Don’t you hate it when all you see is glowing testimonials? Where is the DIRT? Surely these other companies have pissed someone off really well! Even I get excited when I get great or rotten service. Rarely do I keep quiet about it.

This page is dedicated to telling the truth. Yes, we get glowing testimonials, but we upset folks at times too. It is not on purpose of course! I made a vow years ago to treat people right. I am not in the business to anger or upset anyone, however, it happens occasionally.

Through the process of working it out, much is learned, and enthusiastic referrals are earned the old-fashioned way.

I have saved little notes, stories, and comments for years and now have a place to put them. When situations arise, I become an active listener and historian. So, at the risk of TMI (Too Much Information), and losing a prospective client or two, here is full disclosure.

Results Matter!

When we hit the nail on the head, or when we miss completely, people talk. It is in this spirit that I post these testimonials along with some background for context.

What you read between the lines here is a reason to hire a professional remodeler that listens carefully, and shy away from a handyman or doing serious remodeling DIY work on your own home.

The reality is that I have and will continue to move heaven & earth to make sure my clients are shielded from the “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” of the remodeling process. I will also be there to deal with anything that might come up for years to come. It is all about ” What’s wrong, not who’s wrong”, that I am focused on.

How, and that we solve problems in an ethical way, is what defines us daily.

Joe Levitch President.

“I Have Never Received Such Good Service”

Upon arrival my client asked for the salesman I suggested, He was disappointed that what was on hand was not of the quality desired. within a few phone calls he arranged a meeting at another vendor who had the right stuff. “This is the best customer service I have ever received”. That is a huge compliment to you Joe.

Chris S

Anytime you make a recommendation you are taking a calculated risk. I recommended Brian at Cost Less Carpet to my client who now has an amazing story to tell. I basically hit a home run. JL

“I Appreciate You Visiting Our Home”

I went to an initial consultation at a potential client’s home. They had a series of things that was making their home toxic to their health. This is not the first time we have run into this situation. During our visit, I was able to ask lots of questions and investigate the area looking for the root causes of their problem. In following up with them I shared my concerns and offered to help. In an unexpected outpouring of appreciation I was given a lovely gift certificate.

Nate H

As a concerned contractor, I will move heaven and earth to untangle what is causing a home to make the inhabitants ill. Showing that you care is a guiding principal of everything I do at Levco and in my life. JL

“Thank You For Coming To My Rescue”

A freak wind storm hit the North End and displaced an awning used to protect a walkway from the weather. In doing so it got tangled in some electrical lines so the owner contacted Idaho Power to make sure everything was OK. I got the call while exercising at 6:30 and made a B line to the home as soon as I was showered. I offered to fix the issue but in the meantime, the original installation company was contacted to fix it. I made a recommendation to solidify the structure which they used and my involvement was over.

Chris P

As a good neighbor, I do what I can to protect and serve my people. I was shocked and honored to receive a lovely card and a healthy donation to a non-profit I am involved with. JL


“Thank You For Protecting My Home”

We have the roof off of a home that we are adding a second-story addition to. The weather did not exactly cooperate. we got 7″ of fresh powder over a weekend. Naturally, we did what we could to protect things. Despite our plastic tent water entered so we made an emergency response and did what we could to dry things out.  my client understood and we are keeping them updates as we plow, (yes pun intended) forward with the project.

Leah M.

As we make progress problems arise and we work together to solve them. Of all of our recent projects, this one has been exceptionally challenging. Never giving up is part of our culture. Of this, I am especially proud. JL


“The Project is Exceeding My Expectations”

I contacted my client to see if he had been by to look at the progress on his whole home remodeling project lately, and this is what he said. ”The project is exceeding my expectations”

Jon G.

We are passionate about improving homes and we are proud of what we do as well as how we do it. To be trusted to take on such a large project is inspiring. To be praised for our work and be appreciated deeply is frosting on the cake. JL


“It is My Favorite Room In My Home”

While visiting a client whose addition had completed several months prior said, “my master bedroom addition is my new favorite room in my home”

Liz R.

It filled me with pride and joy that she has a wonderful home that we made even better. Se also mentioned that she wished now that we had been involved with her landscaping. She was disappointment with the contractor she used after we left. JL


“Your Employees Speak So Highly of You”

“There was never any doubt that you would do the right thing as issues cropped up, We are so pleased with the results, Thank you so much!”

Sharon C.

We are spring-loaded to do the right thing, about that there is no doubt. TRUST is the basis of allowing us to remodel your home. This was a large project that turned out amazing with a simple redesign of half of the original home creating a master suite and office that looks original.


“You Did a Masterful Job Matching Roof Lines”

When I met this client, it was as a result of a project we had completed in her neighborhood.  We did a complex North End addition and she was so impressed that she let her contractor go and engaged in a design agreement to have her home remodeled.

Amanda D.

We take great pride in our work and beyond matching rooflines, we also take particular care to harmonize finishes of all kinds with 100-year homes too. Having someone go first and test the waters is a good way to ensure the quality you expect on your vintage home. JL


“I Got My Bathroom Back”

“Also, will you please share this info with your whole staff: the crew who worked with us was AMAZING!. Brett and Gabe were a rockstar duo, and we really enjoyed having them around the house. They were just considerate and easy to be around. Jackie was great when I met him, and even the tile guys did a fabulous job. Thanks so much!”

Sarah B.

This is not the first time we have remodeled for these folks. The bathroom needed a tune-up after heavy use for a decade. Having a crew that makes you feel comfortable in your own home is not a given. I  love it when the obvious to me is brought out in such a strong way. This is how we live up to our mission statement.


“Is This Bathroom Original”?

I was recently asked by a guest to our home while admiring one the bathrooms you remodeled for us. “Is this bathroom original?” What a complement! We gutted a bad 70’s bathroom and made it look original 50’s like the home vintage called for.

Nell L.

The high altitude perspective: When contractor, client, and designer get together and set their minds on achieving a look and production makes it happen, that is a beautiful thing we love to participate in and worth celebrating.


“I Love the Progress”

Hey guys,

I was absolutely over the moon today when I saw those trusses go up. I am so happy with how big the bonus room is going to be! The Levco team has exceeded my expectations during every major step of this build. Not only is it great, exciting fun to see my garage project come to life, but many parts that you have completed are better than I had imagined.

I have had so many comments from neighbors who love the curvy driveway and path pattern as much as I do (great suggestion, Noah!); The sturdy build, reinforced concrete, and improved drainage are going to ensure that this garage lasts beyond my lifetime; And the taller trusses are going to greatly increase our utility of the property. My man cave / game room will eventually be the largest finished room on my property!

Thanks again for the hard work everyone is putting in to this. I agree with my dad’s sentiments – this has so far been the best experience I have had with a contractor.

Tony D.

The high altitude perspective. You have tested the water and the water is fine. It takes a lot of trust to sign a contract. Thank you for appreciating what we are capable of. JL


“Our Plumber Was Terrible”

We occasionally use new subcontractors, Our regular guys were too busy. This time we made a mistake. He did terrible work and was impossible to work with. His employees did not have good direction and made our project way more difficult to complete.

Joe L.

The high altitude perspective. Once we figured it out, rather than firing them, we toughed it out and completed with him. The beautiful thing is that we have a system that identifies bad subcontractors. JL


“Our Bathroom is Wonderful”

“We started with an exhausted bathroom with a window that had failed and damaged flooring. You had a vision that you could make the bathroom functional and beautiful for us quickly. I was amazed at how swiftly and effortlessly you made it happen. Next is the Master Bath. A huge shout out to Noah our Project Manager”.

Sara C.

The high altitude perspective. We were referred to this project by our window supplier. He took a risk and we helped these folks get their bathroom remodeled efficiently and effectively. It is an honor to make everyone involved proud by doing what we love to do. JL


“You Dusted My Home”

“Your employee left a hatch open and when he cut the concrete. There was dust all over my home. Once I let you know it happened, I was so impressed that you had a cleaning company respond the next day and got it all cleaned up. I realized that it was an accident, but thought that I would have to clean it up myself.”

Jane S.

The high altitude perspective. We are spring-loaded to make it right when accidents happen. Everyone involved learned valuable lessons. We completed the project with high praise despite starting out on the wrong foot. JL


“I can’t believe you fixed my roof so fast”

We were concerned when we noticed a swale in our roof over an open span. the terracotta tile roof is so heavy. After contacting Joe we looked at the plans together and scheduled the repair. It was amazing, the guys fixed it in a day and preserved our ceiling. All the while they calmed and reassured me that we were fixing it for good, repairing a problem that had been brewing for 30 years.

Renee B.

The high altitude perspective. Understanding how buildings are put together is a strength of ours. Having the original plans made it easier to diagnose the potential problem. Having the client trust us completely made the job so much fun. The cherry on top was sending a great team that I trusted to fix it magnificently. JL


“We are loving our client portal”

While visiting with a client that was frustrated that we had not been able to draft the drawings they wanted quickly enough. We want you to do our whole home remodel and this is a just a small hiccup.

Drew A.

The high altitude perspective. We have spent many hours developing a great system of keeping everyone on the same page and our portal is just a small part of the ways and investments we have made to keep everyone up to date and be a trend setter in our industry. JL


“We have had numerous people over since the flood, and no one can tell where the hardwood floor was replaced and woven in”

At a dinner party of a home where a significant flood occurred we were making small talk after to verify that everything was working well.  “I was certain that my home would never be the same again but you did it” he said proudly congratulating me.

Steve G.

The high altitude perspective. We use a cadre of fantastic trade partners. Hardwood flooring is just one of them. It is what we do, when I say we will be getting you back to the way your home was before the loss, I mean it. JL


“This is Joe, he is the one who remodeled our kitchen so beautifully”

I was being introduced to a former client’s son’s girlfriend at a baseball game. Wow that struck me and caught me off guard and was disarming, he could have just said I am a Rotarian in his club, but no!

Reflecting upon this interaction I now realize that I am more than just a guy that did some work for them. What I do is so much more important and it is critical that I understand what is at stake when I agree to remodel a home.

Jim H.

The high altitude perspective. It is easy to take for granted that I am a remodeler but in the big picture I made their home significantly better which they get to use every day. That sort of joy is priceless. We are creating lasting memories. JL


“I’m shorting you $2,000 on the bill”

A woman that lives out of state had us do some work for her daughter who she had purchased an old home for. We had evaluated the home inspection and made her a laundry list of things that needed to be done with estimates of the probable cost to do them in order for her to negotiate the price of the home. She also had some additional improvements that she wanted to have done.

The woman assumed I had given her a bid for work, and pushed us into doing the work immediately because “the furniture was on the way!”  Being a parent too, I reassured her that I would take care of her daughter as if she were my own, and agreed to get swept up into the frenzy of fixing up her home.

During the project, I missed an opportunity to get a Change Order to fix her sprinkler system that was far more damaged than I had expected, but we fixed it anyway. For that reason she refused to pay the additional cost.

Ilene M.

The high altitude perspective. As upset as I was, I fixed her sprinkler system the right way. I sent her a nice letter apologizing for not getting a Change Order, and she in turn coughed up a few more dollars. In the end she stubbornly refused to pay the bill explaining that her husband was an attorney and that she had a contract! I sent her a thank you letter for teaching me a valuable business lesson. I will retool my process to refuse to work for mean demanding people no matter how compelling the story is. JL


“A wind storm just tore off two windows”

I was doing a remodeling project for these folks and had just about finished. I was over for a visit to check on progress and happened to notice the impending storm. During my visit I had noticed that all the windows upstairs were closed from outside.

The following morning I got the call that the neighbors 40′ tree had blown down and that two of his casement windows were mangled and hanging off the house. As a background tidbit of information, during the project he had complained about my employees leaving windows open. We cold not pinpoint who was at fault, it was an act of nature.

Lonny & Bonny H.

The high altitude perspective. It was this guilt by association that caused me to split the cost of replacing the windows as he wanted to eliminate the casements anyway. Doing the fair and equitable thing is the standard I hold myself to.  JL


Oh the pain of a flood

Joe-my job was simple, but made complicated by insurance adjusters and “mold remediation” that was frustrating to no end. Who would have thought that a dishwasher leak would leave my house (especially my beloved kitchen) in such disrepair for six months?

When I first contacted you at my wits end, I was immediately calmed. It was reminiscent of dealing with my late husband, a licensed contractor with whom we shared more of a “point and click” relationship when it came to home repairs and remodeling. You and your team took over everything that needed to be done, relieving me of all associated anxiety. When you get that level of comfort and ultimate satisfaction there is no dollar amount that can be associated with it—it’s pure professionalism and ultimate satisfaction.

To this day, I remember your comment while installing my new Bosch dishwasher, “I’m going to do something I rarely do and read the instructions…” We are all human and recognizing and voicing your vulnerability in the face of customer satisfaction meant everything to me!

I find your genuine interest in the people you serve (including my cousin who referred you to me) the most important compliment a person can receive.

I will certainly hope to retain your services for my Master bath remodel as soon as I recover from the trauma of the leaky dishwasher.

All the best,

Janelle B.

The high altitude perspective. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing praise for trust and appreciation for what comes naturally.  JL


“I’m buying a home and I have this home inspection”

A potential client called to get an opinion of cost for several remodeling projects that they had in mind. In addition to offering to come visit , I offered to decipher the home inspection to help them understand the cost associated with the deficiencies that were found. He jumped at the offer and reported that it was money well spent. He negotiated a huge savings by having a better understanding of the magnitude of the problems that were identified.

Chris W.

The high altitude perspective is that I discovered a new way to share my knowledge with the uninformed buying public about how to value and prioritize a home inspection. I believe it is going to be a wildly used service. JL


“The handle just fell off the shower”

A client called just after bathing to say that the shower handle had just fallen into the tub with a loud crash. Odd, I thought, some screw must have come lose. I was there within the hour ” Wow, you didn’t have to rush over”. I discovered that the handle and escutcheon was built with a screw on design I had not dealt with before. A name brand high quality piece just needed to be screwed back on. It was back together within 3 minutes and they were back in business. I also showed them what happened and how to avoid it in the future.

Richard B.

The high altitude perspective is that understanding how things work (Or not) is important. Even for homeowners that rarely get involved in fixing things in their own home. I also believe that with one phone call we can be there within the hour to get things taken care of provides a sense of calm professionalism. JL


“A stone just fell off my fireplace face”

A client called just after her whole house remodeling project 1 year of typical warranty to say that she noticed a small stone had fallen off her fireplace face. The following day I responded with my mason who took responsibility for the failure and fixed it on the spot. While I was there I took care of a shower head that had developed some hard water crust and was making the spray irregular. With a little manipulation of the rubber nipples and some vinegar we were able to make it good as new. They are loving their home!

Deanna R.

The high altitude perspective is that once made aware of a problem it is in all of our best interest to just get stuff fixed. JL


“You guys were just here and my sink stopped working”

A client called at 7PM to say that her kitchen sink faucet was not working. We had just completed all sorts of work on her home in preparation for sale including draining and refilling her water heater. I apologized and responded to find a clogged aerator, no biggie. I cleaned it out and she was back in business. “Thank you so much for coming right out and fixing this, I wasn’t sure if I should call so late”. No worries, it happens sometimes, happy to get you working again as I was checking the other aerators of the home. The following morning she called to say that the water was merely luke warm. Almost before she could hang up, we arrived to relight her pilot. Now that is service.

Louise B.

The high altitude perspective is that our clients have put a tremendous amount of trust in us and I believe there is no better way of showing our appreciation than standing by our workmanship . JL


“Thank You For Fixing my Faucet”

A client called to say that their bathroom is working wonderfully and that they had a small problem with an outside faucet that we had installed. They were well past a year warranty but thought they would ask if there was a warranty on the frost proof faucet anyway. Seems the back flow / air gap was stuck. I quickly accepted responsibility and ordered the part, showed up a few days later and replaced it in 3 minutes.

Larry & Paula E.

The high altitude perspective is that our clients paid us to have their home remodeled. The least we can do is insure them that they made a great investment and show that we care. JL


“Thank you for cleaning up your mess”

I noticed a small leak in a beautiful project we completed recently. After digging into the ceiling we found two potential leak sites and fixed them. One was a pinhole in a PEX pipe, the other a 1/4″ hole in the siding that had gone unnoticed. During the drywall repair, we inadvertently dusted out the area by using a tool without a vacuum. During the following days of the repair, it made no sense to clean completely until we were done repairing the hole, texturing and painting. Once cleaned there was a communal sigh of relief. “Thank you for cleaning up your mess.”

Robert W.

The high altitude perspective is that there is no way to achieve the highest level of customer service without solving a problem. I just wish these lessons didn’t come with such an emotional toll and disruption of daily routine. Lesson learned, noting to see here, move along. JL


“Thanks Joe, I’m glad I reached out to you!”

A small roof leak was noticed 5 years after a large addition was none. We fixed it the following day. “We are creating enthusiastic referrals one client at a time”, I said. “Keep up the good work” he replied. We are also performing the interior repairs “at cost” because it is the right thing to do.

Walt M.

Once we do a project we want to be the first to know about any problem so we can help solve them, or at least learn from them. Occasionally we can get them fixed. This is what sets us apart. JL


“My hardwood floors are damaged!”

While remodeling a home and relocating their air conditioner, our HVAC company loaned our clients a portable air conditioner. Unaware of how the darn thing works, without instructions, it poured the condensate water onto the floor. They then moved it to a different room and did the same thing ruining the floor in two places. We refinished their floors for them. My clients were apologetic and appreciative of how we handled it professionally.

As terribly upset as I was about the situation my HVAC company stepped up and helped pay for the damage. JL

Brian C.



 “Hey there is a lien on my home!”

We inadvertently had a lien placed on a clients home by a vendor that was not paid in a timely fashion. It is the vendors right to do that and we have little control over it. Sadly the client found out about it shortly after it was paid off. I exposed the facts and shared a copy of the release documentation. The client appreciated our honesty and attention to detail and was unharmed by the issue.


Business is not always clean and neat. When we screw up we admit it, fix it and move on. JL


“You guys are amazing”

Elderly parents moving up to be close to their kids bought a new home, only problem is that the master shower was too small. I mean it was so small they couldn’t fit in the walk-in part. Heaven forbid they fell in there. We attacked with a plan and are in the middle of an expeditious project that the new home builder wanted nothing to do with. They used the fast & great model.

Using Universal Design principals, we are making one more home usable by all abilities and sizes. JL

Elisa V.


“Thank you so much for helping me out”

As I was being hugged these were the words she said to me. She was 30 days into a project that seemed to be never ending. The handyman she hired was way over his head and asked to be let go. A past client of ours referred her and suggested she call me, and that I would take care of her. I arrived and took the project over exceeding her expectations in every way. We are scheduled to be done in 2 weeks.

This is what makes the world go round, Thank you Mike E. JL

Susan R.


 “My tile has a weird film on it”

We had remodeled their bathroom struggling through several frustrations like materials not showing up when promised that delayed the project. I flinched when we got a message that something was wrong. I arrived with the tile setter and we discovered a leak. Our plumber tore into the project where we discovered a faulty drum trap and a leak. We had to tear into her wall to eventually fix it all up. No charge for the repair.


Repairing the problem is always our responsibility and although feeling burned by a sub-trade contractor, we did it with grace. I no longer use this plumber because I believe he used a shortcut that did not work, and created delays that were uncalled for. The painful reality of remodeling is that the plan does not always get executed perfectly no matter how hard you try. Rebounding from these things is what sets us apart but comes with a price. JL


“I slept better last night”

Their home caught fire December 9th 2015 . 12-22-16 in my office while signing an agreement to move forward “We have been struggling with an insurance claim and contractor for over a year. We finally fired them like you had suggested 7 months ago. I honestly slept better knowing you were taking over the project soon and will get us back into our home at long last.”

Ray S.

Thank You!

We remodeled a vacant home for an out of state couple who had just purchased it. They were coming to the area without knowing a sole, they found Levco on the internet and liked what they read. We were able to successfully alter their home to just the way they wanted it. As a bonus, it was ready when they moved in just like we promised it would be. Talk about trust.

The Miller family

“Thank You Joe”

Those were the words that graced the text which was accompanied by the image of their completed project. It just happened to arrive on my phone as I was teaching a class about remodeling at Boise Schools Community education. Wow what a cool thing to receive and uncanny timing too. Thank You!

Rob & Casey W.


“My 4 year old could do better tile work!”

A client emailed and angry note to express his dissatisfaction about the tile work. (Earlier in the day the tile setter had mentioned to a relative that the tiles that were provided by the homeowner were cheap and defective and would not produce good results). Rather than setting the tiles in thinset adhesive, he “dry set” them to show the owner what they would look like. I was able to explain this to the client who ultimately became enraged and after a flurry of insults and an unbelievable amount of anger locked us out, told us to stop work, then demand that we do more work, and filed complaints with whoever would listen.  Oddly he is refusing to make a progress payment.

We ended up paying him to get him off our back. One of the saddest things that has happened to me in my business ever. JL

Name removed by request.


“Your website is wonderful”

I took a call from a fellow that was looking at buying a used home here in Boise. He lives at the other end of town. “I am seriously considering buying a home. I found so much great information on your sight I cant wait to meet you at the home and thank you in person”. He was just about to put in an offer and wanted me to check it out in advance of some potential renovations and an addition.



“Your Project Manager did not keep our schedule up to date”

In reviewing a project with a client they were able to articulate a primary frustration that took away from the project enjoyment. Having the schedule be up to date is not negotiable. what we discovered is that if you hear someone ask “What is happening today?” when you get to the job, that you have FAILED! Being natural competitors I have asked each PM to look at the schedule daily to make any updates looking at tomorrow, next week, and two weeks out. That ought to fix it

Larry & Paula E.


“Your sidewalk looks terrible”

As I was leaving a prospects home I noticed her sidewalk was falling apart. “Did you know there is a program to have the sidewalk condemned and repaired or replaced for free”? Yea I’ve called multiple times and could never get results, I have a 95 year old neighbor and it worries me,”

I promptly made a call from my cell phone to the right person at ACHD (Ada County Highway District) and got their sidewalk scheduled for evaluation and inclusion into the program. There was a real high 5 in her driveway. “It is all about who you know” I said as I went on to my next appointment.

Liz S.


“I can’t believe you just fixed my fireplace”

I showed up to look at a faulty gas fireplace at a home of a friend who had had a bad experience with a visit to the fireplace shop I had recommended. “Let me have a look ” I said as I got down on my knees and turned on my mini flashlight. “Here’s your problem!” I got it working in under 15 seconds. Then I taught her how to get it going on her own. “That was amazing” she said as I put things back together and we had a nice chat about her home and how we might be a good fit with our service division. “No charge, have a great day”. Then I contacted my fireplace shop and scolded them for not treating my referrals like gold. All is well.

Pam B.


“At first I was concerned about having a bunch of men working in & on my house”

“It took about thirty minutes then we were all palls, you have a wonderful team and they obviously know what they are doing and love doing it. A special shout out to Darrin, Noah, and Steve. We love our family room addition”.

Nicky H.


“The cabinets really turned out nice, you nailed the color too. They looks perfect”

After a completing a set of three custom made Levco cabinets, the client and his father approached Dave to let him know how happy they were. Dave filled with pride as he responded “Thanks, I built them and finished them myself”! Behind the scenes we had been struggling to match an existing finish that looks dramatically different in natural light. How we make these little miracles happen is like getting a pass to Santa’s workshop.

Dennis & Dan N


 “We are spreading the word about the great job that was done”

Alyne, please extend our gratitude to Joe, Tracy, Noah, and everyone else that worked on our foundation repair project. A huge gap was noted in a stone foundation of a relocated home. We excavated it out and poured it back into place.

As a company owner, and self appointed “Benevolent Overlord” I heard a bell ring that cannot go unnoticed. I especially want to express my appreciation to Noah who made this repair happen seamlessly, Bravo take a bow son. J.

Bill & Vicki.


“You empowered me to get results through others”

“I had a hunch my HVAC contractor did not do a great job, and I was losing sleep over a recent furnace installation. When you came out and agreed with me, it was refreshing. You gave me some ideas and when the HVAC contractor returned they fixed everything properly without much fuss.” You not only know what you are talking about, you reassured me that I was not nuts. Now I want you to do my remodeling project.

David K.


“When our project manager suddenly got ill, I was not informed promptly”

“I understand that this sort of thing happens and you did a fine job of handling things internally, I would have liked to be informed right away.” We learned a valuable lesson and were not completely prepared for this situation. We are a client centric business and although the information was private, it definitely effects the projects. We apologize for missing the opportunity to let you know and have added it to our bag of tricks.



“I got lost in your website”

“I found myself reading your Blog for hours. You obviously understand and are passionate about what you do. What I love is that you explain things so I can understand them. I knew right off that you were the company I wanted to remodel with!”

Jolene A


“I cant believe it, you are a virtual electrician!”

Told to me after I enlisted the client to help solve the electrical problem over the phone successfully. I was responding at the request of a mutual friend on a Saturday morning. Not only did I impress everyone involved, the person I helped has some remodeling needs coming up that she wants to talk about. No invoice, glad I could help.

Patricia K


“Joe, you did it again and went above and beyond for me”

When dueling subcontractors were appearing to tag team a client and possibly undermine his house sale, I stepped in and got everyone working together again. Joe I can’t thank you enough, the deal is going through thanks in part to you.

Jim L


“You are exactly the kind of company I want to work with!”

Spoken by a counter top fabricator after he heard us chew out a cabinetmaker for not installing the cabinets to our specifications “perfectly level”.

Yes it matters! Setting our expectations will make everything make sense in the future, glad to have you on board! JL

Marco A


“That Randy is really something”

I think he is the neatest guy I’ve ever met, he cleaned up so darn well. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate that you and your team treated my house with respect.

We understand that we are often creating messes. That we clean them up too, sets us apart. Thanks Randy! JL

Suzanne and Rebeka


“When I called your office, I spoke with Alyne”

She knew what was going on and was a joy to talk with, she took my information and scheduled an appointment on the spot. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate talking to someone intelligent on the phone, we even joked around a bit.

Alyne is amazing, I am lucky to have her on the team. What else can I say. JL

Angela S.


After completing a master bathroom remodeling project

I loved your tile guys, and those cleaners, wow! We love our new shower and the heated floors are amazing. Thank you Levco for making it great! A special shout out to Warren.

This is what it sounds like when we create enthusiastic referrals. JL

Bob & Billie H.


A fireplace upgrade gone fantastically

Thank you for making our fireplace look great, it brightens up the entire room and everyone who sees it loves it. I am going to have to put up a before picture to prove how much it changed. It is amazing!

This is what makes us love our jobs! JL

Rebeka H.


After a difficult fireplace stone installation

The fireplace looks great! I am really enjoying it. Also please tell Steve I appreciate the way he immediately took care of the issues with the masonry person. You are lucky to have him as an employee.

This made my day! JL

Sharon F.


“My roof finally stopped leaking :)”

I had a roof repaired for the daughter of a dear friend. Despite our repeated attempts to make the problem go away, the leak remained. On the third repair attempt I called to check on things. It had rained pretty darn good the night before and sure enough we got it solved. “Joe, thank you so much for following up, this was a difficult one to get, I appreciate your tenacity.”

Fixing elusive intermittent problems is difficult, in the end clear communications and persistence paid off. “You can trust that we will always get-er done” JL

Maren M.


“I can not say enough nice things about your company and crews”

I embarked upon a large challenging remodeling project with trepidation. I wanted tho hug your project manager as he left for the last time. Thank you for making this difficult project so enjoyable and fulfilling. My garage addition will provide me with joy and value for the rest of my life .

Tim Z.


Collaborating on a project

In response to seeing a Blog post about our recent project

Wow! It came out very nice Joe. As you mention, it’s often times the small things that make the biggest difference in the outcome of a project. It’s a credit to you and your team that Levco makes the effort to work through the “opportunities” to the benefit of your clients. From my perspective, I always enjoy a chance to work in a partnership with builders to come up with creative solutions. There is always more than one way to skin the cat. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your team on this one.

Scott S.


“You listened to me.”

I am signing this agreement with you because unlike other contractors that came to my home, you listened to me. You gave me a realistic approach to my kitchen remodel. I know what I want and you get it. I look forward to working with you and your team.

Let’s get busy. JL

Karen M.


“You don’t need to do that.”

A simple misunderstanding about the finishes in an out building was causing confusion. My employees thought we were fixing a shed. My client thought we were fixing an addition to her home. Once we cleared up the confusion, we returned to tune up some painting and caulking issues that did not meet expectations. Ultimately we  impressed everyone involved.

I insisted that we return to make it right despite objections. JL

Victoria B.


“I quit, I’m sending you a certified letter from my lawyer!”

A new subcontractor was having a difficult time completing the work he agreed to do. His materials were behaving strangely, looking terrible and he was refusing to take responsibility for anything. Progress was understandably stalled for weeks. I called for a meeting with the distributor of the materials in an effort to understand where we stood, and how to swiftly move forward to finish the job. With a plan in place to fix things in the morning, the subcontractor abruptly freaked out and quit. “You can’t quit, you’re fired!” came rushing to mind. I found and hired others to finish up. We deducted the difference from his bill with the guidance of his lawyer and calmly completed the job. “It looks great now, thanks Joe”

You are welcome JL

Cassi B


“I have never seen this done correctly”

I met A Boise City Building Inspector for a framing inspection. We had removed a bearing wall and the new beam needed to be approved before we covered it up. In front of my client he slowly inspected the new beam and all of its connections to the existing structure. “Joe,” he said, “This is the first time I have ever seen this done correctly on the first try!” It doesn’t get any better than that.

Holy cow! That is a strong vote of confidence. JL

Tony Y


“I have seen lots of people work together, but none like you guys.”

Your guys are working together in a way that is unique. You personify a team approach. No grumbling or discontent, teams attack problems and solve them, they help each other and it shows. I appreciate that.

This is the sort of thing that makes it fun to be in business. JL

Tim Z.


“You stuck to your promise”

When my crawl space flooded my new home from what seemed to be an isolated sprinkler issue, you came and dried it out. You also helped communicate with my insurance carrier. You promised me you would fix the problem and I believed you. Then it flooded again while I was away on vacation. When I called you in a panic, you were undaunted and dried it out again. Then you and your team attacked the problem with gusto. You orchestrated the repairs that I am confidant will prevent any further issues, and most of all, made me feel safe. Thanks

Yah, like that. JL

Alice M.


“The customer is always fucking right.”

This one took an ugly turn. A client that I respect very much got angry with us over a simple thing that could have been resolved in real time but we unfortunately missed the opportunity. No one wins when a complete failure to agree is reached. The cows were long gone by the time I heard him utter these frightening words.

What my client wanted was not structurally sound in our opinion.  We screwed up when we did not take the time to explain it to his satisfaction, or come up with an alternative solution. I regret not getting involved sooner, it should have never come to this. We all have learned a valuable lesson which was extremely painful. May I never have to relearn this one.

I apologize for our shortcomings John. JL

John F


“Your crew is having a good time working hard.”

Your guys are working all the time and getting along so well. They are not afraid of hard work and they are all polite. I’ve had work done by others and they are never like that. We appreciate you very much. Thanks

Barbara B.

When Steve W. showed up he made it very clear that he is creating a working team. This means that we are looking out for each other and teaching while doing. It is in everyone’s best interest to chip in no matter the task and use the three musketeers mantra, “All for one and One for all”. While we are working on your home, we treat it like our own.


“Your Team is amazing”

We are three years out from our whole house remodeling project and when I brought up a small problem. You guys came over in force and solved it. Not only that but you noticed another problem and fixed that too. I can’t thank you enough.

Dan N

Creating enthusiastic referrals is what we are all about here at Levco, this is just one way we achieve that lofty goal.  JL


Tricky roof replacement

Being a homeowner, you will always have repairs that need to be done, both major and minor. If you need work done you want a person you can trust.

I’ve known Joe Levitch for over 20 years.  When he started his remodeling business 8 years ago I knew I now had that trustworthy person.  When the time came to replace our roof I called Levco.

When the initial estimate was presented to my husband and I, we were both very pleased to find that it included photos, descriptions, and 3 different courses of action we could take on our roof.   Joe walked me through the options and contract, and made sure that I understood exactly what work would be done, and how much it was going to cost.

The crew that did the roof was very professional, fast, and efficient.  The clean up they did afterword was outstanding.  Joe followed up with a phone call to ensure everything was okay, and that I was happy with the end result. I most definitely was.

Reliable, trustworthy, professional, all words I would use without hesitation to describe Levco and Joe Levitch.


Leighan S.


“What Kind of Beer do you Drink?”

As a client came back to his home after being out for a month and a half and asked me this question.  He could not be happier with the end result or the process that we used to communicate with him about all things related to fixing his home after a fire and severe smoke damage. 2-7-2013

Amber ale or a porter JL

Don L


Great Post! Phone call

I just read your BLOG post on knob and tube wiring, It was the most informative article I have ever read on the topic. I believe I understand it now. I live in Port Angele’s WA. But my daughter is buying a turn of the century home in Boise, would it be OK if she calls you?  7-2012

That is what makes me want to Blog JL


Home Inspection Thank You

I received a cool thank you card for a home inspection I did. A North End’r in fine shape with a few minor problems. Welcome to the hood young lady!

Roof Leak, What Roof Leak?

I got a call from a client we remodeled for 2 years ago, “We have water entering from our hood exhaust vent, do you have the name of a roofer?” “NO” I said “we are on the way” Our roofs don’t leak! we had it fixed in a few minutes and checked the rest of the roof. We must have had a cold joint. Amazed with our service the client has become an enthusiastic referral for us. 2-12-13

Dan N


Roof Leak, What Roof Leak?

I got a call from a client we remodeled for 2 years ago, “We have water entering from our hood exhaust vent, do you have the name of a roofer?” “NO” I said “we are on the way” Our roofs don’t leak! we had it fixed in a few minutes and checked the rest of the roof. We must have had a cold joint. Amazed with our service the client has become an enthusiastic referral for us. 2-12-13

Dan N


My Basement Just Flooded Again!

I received this phone call from an old client, early one afternoon. “Did you turn the water off yet.?” I asked. “Yes,” she said, “I have the disaster folks on the way,”” We are on the way too,” I told her. 3 minutes later we were at her home. We beat the disaster folks, started cleaning up, and calming her down. With a big hug, she said “I can’t thank you enough!” (Roots had gotten into her sewer line) She went on to ask if we could just fill in her basement. We ultimately ended up replacing her sewer line.

Julie D


Painter From Hell

While visiting the job site at the end of the day, the Owner met me at the door to say” If this is the quality of your painting… I would have rather painted it myself”! Ouch, we had the painter return several times until the owner was pleased. We do not use that painter now.

Joe B

Community Ed Spring 2012


Thank You

This was for resolving confusion over missing the opportunity to have coffered ceiling trusses in a new addition. After identifying what was wrong rather than who was wrong, we were able to work with the truss company to modify our trusses to accommodate everyone’s wishes.

Crystal V


Those Installers Rock

My clients took a moment to give a shout out to my cabinet installers, a father and son team. “They did a magnificent job putting in our cabinets”

Eric W


Upon Unclogging a Hot Water Line

We remodeled a old home in the North End. Connecting into the old galvanized pipes a flake of material go stuck in the hot side of the valve causing the water flow to be restricted. We got out and flushed the lines and impressed the client. “Dave came yesterday and did a great job.  He even left us some sinfully delicious chocolate cake (disguised as bread).  Thanks for the fantastic follow up service.  We’ll keep in touch.” 2-15-13

Brian C


After dispensing some home improvement advice

A referral from an insurance agent about a problem that wasn’t covered. “Well, do you think my advice was a good value”? “You bet, that was amazing, I thought it my house was falling apart, I think I can fix it myself now, Thanks!”

D Adams


Upon Completing Some Warranty Work

Upon ripping out a slab of concrete path and replacing it at no cost. “It looks great, thanks for following up on this!” “You’re welcome”, I said…It was the right thing to do! 10-15-12

Joe B


It Looks Like It Was Always There

Upon building a new entry to her home “It looks like it was always there.” Until I show the original pictures of the front of my home, no one can believe the entry didn’t always look this great. Thanks Levco.

Gail W


Upon Signing an a Design Agreement for an Addition

I chose you over the other two Contractors because you are definitely better organized, you are far more professional and you gave us a price range and stuck with it throughout the process.

Jeff V


Verbal Comment Card

After teaching (Residential Remodeling 101) at community education, a student said, “You are definitely passionate about remodeling”


Thank You Card


Upon deciding to go forward with our design process

I choose you because your process makes sense to us. Of the three contractors we interviewed we feel you have the best ideas and have the ability to work with us long distance.


Thank You

This was for clearly communicating to a potential client and helping them through the process of getting a new home and having it updated with a 203K loan. Sadly I did not get the job, but this is the appreciation note I received.

M Smith

Thank You Card