Don’t you hate it when all you see is glowing testimonials? Where is the DIRT? Surely these other companies have pissed someone off really well! Even I get excited when I get great or rotten service. Rarely do I keep quiet about it.

This page is dedicated to telling the truth. Yes, we get glowing testimonials, but we upset folks at times too. It is not on purpose of course! I made a vow years ago to treat people right. I am not in the business to anger or upset anyone, however, it happens occasionally.

Through the process of working it out, much is learned, and enthusiastic referrals are earned the old-fashioned way.

I have saved little notes, stories, and comments for years and now have a place to put them. When situations arise, I become an active listener and historian. So, at the risk of TMI (Too Much Information), and losing a prospective client or two, here is full disclosure.

Results Matter!

When we hit the nail on the head, or when we miss completely, people talk. It is in this spirit that I post these testimonials along with some background for context.

What you read between the lines here is a reason to hire a professional remodeler that listens carefully, and shy away from a handyman or doing serious remodeling DIY work on your own home.

The reality is that I have and will continue to move heaven & earth to make sure my clients are shielded from the “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” of the remodeling process. I will also be there to deal with anything that might come up for years to come. It is all about ” What’s wrong, not who’s wrong”, that I am focused on.

How, and that we solve problems in an ethical way, is what defines us daily.

Joe Levitch President.


A past client has been a cheer leader for Levco for years. We do provide a incentives for a referral that decides to remodel with us and he has benefited by spreading the work. ” I love you guys, and you do beautiful work, I refer you to everyone. Thank 

Daniel N

When we do good work it sticks with people, I always ask when interviewing a new prospect, 1, who can we thank for referring us. 2, who remodeled for you before? (People typically forget) That stuff matters. We are planting seeds making deep connections all the time, many take off and flourish. JL

“If You Can Fix This Leak, You Will Be A Hero”

A past client that we had done a significant amount of work for including replacing his roof had a leak on the outside of their home that was leaving traces on their siding and frightening them. Even though it was several years out of warranty I insisted that it was our issue to solve. We found the problem and fixed it once we figured it out, We also learned a valuable lesson on how to do it better next time.

Steve G

It is a (what’s wrong not a who’s wrong) issue, so with that in mind, it is not a problem to fix things in our wake. That is what builds our reputation. Hero status? I don’t think so. JL

“You Are a Virtual Plumber”

A past client that I earned the trust of when we added some french drains to eliminate crawl space flooding called in a panic. “Our home inspection is happening today and I just noticed that we have no water pressure at our master bathroom sinks”, He had called a plumber but it was early and he was waiting for them to schedule a visit. Pete, I said, “I can all but guarantee that your aerators are clogged up”. I guided him through the fix and he was able to do it himself. He called back about 10 minutes later to thank me profusely,

Pete S

I am all about making sure homes work properly and having a good understanding of how the systems operate I can typically diagnose issues over the phone. I was very happy that I was able to solve the problem virtually. It doesn’t always go that way. JL

“I Have Never Received Such Good Service”

Upon arrival my client asked for the salesman I suggested, He was disappointed that what was on hand was not of the quality desired. within a few phone calls he arranged a meeting at another vendor who had the right stuff. “This is the best customer service I have ever received”. That is a huge compliment to you Joe.

Chris S

Anytime you make a recommendation you are taking a calculated risk. I recommended Brian at Cost Less Carpet to my client who now has an amazing story to tell. I basically hit a home run. JL

“I Appreciate You Visiting Our Home”

I went to an initial consultation at a potential client’s home. They had a series of things that was making their home toxic to their health. This is not the first time we have run into this situation. During our visit, I was able to ask lots of questions and investigate the area looking for the root causes of their problem. In following up with them I shared my concerns and offered to help. In an unexpected outpouring of appreciation I was given a lovely gift certificate.

Nate H

As a concerned contractor, I will move heaven and earth to untangle what is causing a home to make the inhabitants ill. Showing that you care is a guiding principal of everything I do at Levco and in my life. JL