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Kind Words & Reviews

When we finish a project, we ensure the work is done 100% to the client’s satisfaction. Our clients know this and love this about us, and we are truly grateful for the many testimonials we receive.

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Here’s What People Are Saying

Don’t you hate it when all you see is glowing testimonials? Where is the DIRT? Surely these other companies have pissed someone off really well! Even I get excited when I get great or rotten service. Rarely do I keep quiet about it.

This page is dedicated to telling the truth. Yes, we get glowing testimonials, but we upset folks at times too. It is not on purpose of course! I made a vow years ago to treat people right. I am not in the business of angering or upsetting anyone, however, it happens occasionally.

Through the process of working it out, much is learned, and enthusiastic referrals are earned the old-fashioned way.

I have saved little notes, stories, and comments for years and now have a place to put them. When situations arise, I become an active listener and historian. So, at the risk of TMI (Too Much Information), and losing a prospective client or two, here is full disclosure.

Results Matter!

When we hit the nail on the head, or when we miss completely, people talk. It is in this spirit that I post these testimonials along with some background for context.

What you read between the lines here is a reason to hire a professional remodeler that listens carefully, and shy away from a handyman or doing serious remodeling DIY work on your own home.

The reality is that I have and will continue to move heaven & earth to make sure my clients are shielded from the “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” of the remodeling process. I will also be there to deal with anything that might come up for years to come. It is all about ” What’s wrong, not who’s wrong”, that I am focused on.

How, and that we solve problems in an ethical way, is what defines us daily.

Joe Levitch, President

Lindsey Bird

Home Addition Project

Joe and his team were a pleasure to work with on creating the plans for our home addition. Joe came to our house to look at and listen to our ideas of adding an additional room that would serve as an office space, as well as an egress window added to the basement. We had a drawing session where Joe took our ideas and turned it into a 3D, detailed blueprint that we were able to visualize and make changes to in real-time.
Phil and Amanda contributed a lot to the project and were so easygoing! We met several times to nail down each detail of the project.

We got to the very final stages of planning the project when we ended up purchasing another home and moving. I have no doubt this team would have continued to be reliable, honest and easy to work with the remainder of the project. I absolutely recommend this company!

Ty Payton

Insurance Restoration Project

The experience we had with Levco after our detached garage burned down was absolutely amazing. We had a certain idea in mind when building the new garage and had reached out to other builders who said they were unable to make this work. Levco dedicated their entire team to the project and were able to work with us and our insurance in order to make it happen. One of our biggest worries was that our dogs use the back yard all day and they were able to communicate with us, so that the space was available for them when possible. It was so nice to have such great experience after the disaster. Their family oriented business made us feel like family as well! This project went above and beyond what we could have hoped for. If you want to take a seemingly stressful experience and turn it positive, Levco is where it’s at! Another thing to note is that they reach out to the community and are a mission driven company which is really important to us when “voting with our dollar”! Thank you Joe, Brant and everyone who had a part in this project, we couldn’t be happier!

Susan Simmons

Home Addition Project

We hired Levco to demolish our old attached shop and construct a new one, along with a new patio. They were immediately responsive to our initial inquiry and with their team we worked out a design and construction plan that fully met our needs. The project had various challenges related to setbacks and backyard access. They resolved all those challenges and also worked with us to modify the plan as we went in order to help us stay within budget. They assigned a project manager who was excellent to work with and we enjoyed interacting with their whole team. We love our new shop and patio and are glad that we hired Levco for the project.

Martha Huber

Remodel Project

I want to thank Levco Builders for their professionalism in handling my emergency situation. I had Home Depot installers come to my house to install new flooring. They found my slab concrete very uneven and would not install the waterproof vinyl plank flooring until I remedied the situation. I called Levco that night and Jack came to my house before 8am the next morning, assessed the concrete floors and had a bid back to me before 10am. Shane and Brett arrived right away and determined they could correct the issue by the end of the next day. They even met the installers at my house to make sure all areas were addressed. I am very impressed by this team, led by Joe, who obviously cares a great deal about his clients! Also, thank you to Cyndi, Levco’s office manager, who was very responsive and helped coordinate everything! You are all Rock Stars in my book!

Susan Simmons

Remodel Project

New garage and pool room construction. All work and sub-contractors were of high quality. Levco employees were very professional and stayed on top of everything. Very pleased with the results.

Dan N.

Home Remodel

Levco construction completed a total house remodel and add on as well as a return a few years later for further expansion. We could not be happier that we chose Joe of Levco to construct our house. The entire Levco team were not only professional, but very efficient and great to work with. Their attention to detail and quality of work is outstanding. I recommended Levco to friends and family and will continue to do so as well.