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1960 Kitchen Makeover

The Challenge

This is an early1960’s household with a kitchen that was separated from the dining area and had experienced a water leak and flood months earlier. The client was making due until they mustered the energy to take care of remodeling it.

The Idea

Open the kitchen to the dining area, Gain access to the porch with a sliding door rather than a standard one. Ensure that this is the last kitchen remodel they will ever need. Make it well lit functional and welcoming.

The Solution

We eliminated a door and rearranged the appliances to much better order. Refrigerator sink, stove from left to right.

The Details

Removed the downdraft range from the island, We opened up between the dining area and the kitchen. 2 areas of highlighted tile, and solid surface countertops. New cabinetry

Square Feet


Amazing Result

Before Photos