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Whole House Remodel

The Challenge

The property was occupied during design and the new owners were very occupied with their school aged children. Lots of deferred maintenance items had to be addressed. 

The Idea

The home was purchased in advance of moving in with the intention of renting it to the existing owners until the remodeling project could be designed. Remodel the entire home to fix several problems and design it to meet the needs of the family of 4

The Solution

We redesigned the home with their needs in mind, we worked on every aspect of the home. We redesigned the home to open the kitchen to the living room, we rearranged the walls upstairs to make the stairway more interesting, we made the basement bedrooms safe by adding egress windows. 

The Details

New egress windows were cut in. the fireplaces were rebuilt. the floorplan was modified. a bathroom was added. all of the cabinets were replaced. the basement bathroom had components rearranged. The inside and outside of the home was painted. 

Square Feet


Amazing Result

Before Photos