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Garage renovation

The Challenge

The sagging roof caused be removed bracing over the years made it look like a sway-back horse. A chiropractic adjustment and some serious support were needed. Keeping with the historic look and feel of the garage was important. There were barn doors on the existing garage.

The Idea

The client had his home remodeled several years prior but his garage looked nothing like his home. He wanted to have power for an EV and the ceiling of this original garage had been altered and was sagging

The Solution

We came up with a simple structural alternative using ridge beams and interim beams to shore it up then hold downs to keep the roof connected. 

 The Details

Siding was removed and stucco was added. A beautiful modern garage door was added. The person door and windows were replaced., and EV charging station was added. The structure was insulated and drywalled so it could be heated if desired. 

Square Feet


Amazing Result

Before Photos