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Bathroom Out of a Laundry Room

The Challenge

This home had a laundry room that was slab on grade because this room was once part of a garage. The home only had one bathroom that was inadequate for the family. The laundry room was small, and it did not appear to be wide enough for a traditional 3/4 bath. We knew that a clever design could make a great shower in the laundry room.

The Idea

Switch the swing of the door, leave the laundry in the bath, break out the floor to find the main sewer line and hook into it. Create a barrier free shower that is curtained off only when the shower is in use. This project allowed us to get an open feeling out of a tiny space.

The Solution

We broke out the floor and found that everything we needed in the sewer was there. We used a tile wainscoting around the entire room. We installed a fan and ample lighting. The laundry room is now in the bathroom.

The Details

Custom shower design, barrier free shower. Curtain rod that was able to be custom shaped on the ceiling. Tile shelves in the shower, metal edging for the tile.

Square Feet


Amazing Result

Before Photos