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Quick Classy Kitchen Remodel

The Challenge

This kitchen was a “contractor special” as we say in the business. It was done as inexpensively as possible. Our client who uses the kitchen needed an update. There was no emphasis put on the end user.

We were locked in on a low budget, and the client was clear on what she wanted before they contacted us to do the work. There had also been a leak which left the client with an annoying floor squeak.

The Idea

Eliminate the floor squeak and earn their trust. Switch out cabinets, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and counter tops. Create a modern kitchen that will last.

The Solution

We got rid of the squeak quickly, and we cleared out the kitchen and repurposed as much as possible. We swapped out everything and got the job done on time and on budget. We also changed the peninsula to a single height counter.

The Details

Farm Sink with garbage disposal, Quartz counter tops with white subway tile backsplash, painted cabinets made locally, new lighting fixtures, better cabinet layout with more storage space.

Square Feet


Amazing Result

Before Photos