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Large RV Garage From Scratch

The Challenge

The Owner had drawings of a large RV garage to be added to a 2 car garage where a shed was. The new project was woven into an existing garage roofline to make it appear that it had always been there.

The Idea

Eliminate the shed and concrete driveway and add the large structure at an angle that followed the property line.

The Solution

We located pins in the area to determine the property line and set the structure at an odd angle. The building was engineered to a commercial standard the likes of which local inspectors thought was over the top. This included our first Prefabricated Simpson Portal Walls and special inspections for rebar epoxy installation. It will be the last building standing if the worst happens and the end comes.

The Details

The amazing structure was fully finished and heated. It ranks among the larger garages we have built from scratch to date. Special accommodations were made for water runoff and rerouting the power from the home underground. During the project, the client asked us to add a patio cover that also looked like it has always been there.

Square Feet


Amazing Result

Before Photos