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I’m Remodeling My Master Bathroom This Year

At Levco we do lots of master bathroom remodels for our clients. We seem to have one in progress and several in design at all times. If you have a Master bathroom, that means your home was built after 1960 or has already been remodeled once. The idea of a private bathroom for the adults...

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What do we do with the big corner tub in the master?

When remodeling master bathrooms I have discovered a common theme; we are addressing repeatedly: what to do with the big soaker tub? For a while in the 70s and 80s, builders got the idea that a corner soaker tub would be just the ticket to create a spa-like feel in every master bedroom. Nothing could...

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Curbless, Barrier Free Showers in Turmoil

“Curbless Showers” AKA “Barrier Free Showers” or “Zero Entry Showers” or “Freedom Showers”, are a hot topic in Idaho right now. It all started when the Idaho association of building officials realized that every municipality is handling them differently. Some allow curbless showers and others forbid them. I have written about them in the past...

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If I Just Had One More Bathroom

A common theme has emerged among my perspective client’s lately. It is all about “getting the most out of your homes without moving”. Most folks are reluctant to move and would rather stay where they are. Fixing up what you have is usually a far more economical decision if you love your home and your...

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Curbless Showers in Boise

After taking my UDCP training through NARI, I realized that curbless showers were going to be a great addition for anyone and everyone who wanted us to remodel their bathroom. Reflecting on my past experience, I recall having a plumbing inspector refuse to allow us to create one and citing a plumbing code that prohibited...

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Architects, Kitchen & Bath Designers, Oh My!

Levco Builders is of the belief that specializing is a good thing. Like in the medical profession there is just too much information to know to be an expert at everything. Most contractors would rather have their spleen removed without anesthesia than have anyone tell them what to do. I believe an Architect is a...

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I Told You So!

Occasionally I get the pleasure of telling folks “I told you so”. Rarely does it cause a stir. Here is a short story that worked out for all parties in the end. This case involved an exhausted client and a tile setter that had real life issues. I should have seen the warning signs, but...

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Being a True Client Advocate

What does being a client advocate mean to me. It is more than just words… It involves taking decisive action sometimes. The design phase was done and the components were selected in a small  bathroom  project. The construction phase was in full swing. In an effort to save a few bucks the clients selected a...

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