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hinged laundry chute in closet

Laundry Chute

I love laundry chutes. I’m not entirely sure why, I did not have one in my childhood home. Perhaps it is the efficiency factor.

Whenever I am involved in a remodeling project that has the laundry below the living space, I look for an opportunity to “shoot” the laundry down the chute.

We have to be clever sometimes, but we have consistently found the space and have taken the time to make them great.

On a sad note, we actually had to eliminate one in a tight bathroom update, I am still grieving over the loss.

Chute safety

Laundry chute protection

Laundry chute protection

The more stories in a home the cooler they are. We had to fix one that was a three story trip and had an outlet on each floor. The new residents had three young sons and the fear was that they would want to send the youngest for a ride.

The one in my home had to be retrofitted with a temporary obstruction for the same reason. Mine had an obstruction installed for several years when the kids were young.

For the record, in all my years in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) I was never involved in a laundry chute injury or extrication.

Neat chute features

laundry hopper on the right

Hopper on the right

On another occasion we provided a clasp in an existing chute hatch to allow the laundry to build up inside until the hatch was opened.

On another home I only inspected, the chute lead to a rolling hopper built into the laundry room cabinet set.

Bonus Round Questions?

  1. Who can tell me a good laundry chute story?
  2. Is there a time when a laundry chute is not appropriate?

Regardless of the location, we find that our clients appreciate the ease of operation, the convenience of collecting laundry near the washing machine, and the contractor that consistently brings cool ideas to the design table.

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