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The wrecking crew

The wrecking crew

Levco is at it again. Deconstructing, in the name of reuse recycling and repurposing. In this case it is a home that was purchased 15 years ago for the location.

The home, although usable was not in any way what the clients wanted. After finding a builder of their own, a conscious decision was made to have to have the home donated for the useful components. This is where we came into the picture.

Our donation partner

Our donation partner

With a specialty in deconstruction Levco has taken on the responsibility of taking down the 6640 sf of living space and 1100 sf of non-living space and the hardscape that surrounded the structure.

In the coming months we will be taking the structure down to dirt. The donation is going to the local reuse store for resale to the public.

We will keep you posted on the details and the results of our deconstruction process. Here is a link to a recent article that talks all about the process.

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