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2015 IBC

2015 IBC

As of January 1st 2015, Boise and the surrounding areas are using the 2012 IBC (International Building Codes) to regulate construction in the area. Unlike a quip I heard as I came to Boise in 1980. “Welcome to Boise, set your watch back 10 years”, we are only 3 years behind when it comes to using the Building Codes.

This gives us a chance to digest the changes and make recommendations for specific alterations that make more sense than the code for our area. In some cases more stringent and in others less.

The cool thing is that I was included in the conversation about changes to the 2015 IBC with a group of other movers and shakers in the construction world.

Thanks to my board member status in several contractor boards, my place at the table was welcomed. I look forward to influencing the rules that we all play by in the future.

You can call me “Sir Lancelot”, it will be our little secret.