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twenty holes

Twenty Holes

Levco often takes on odd ball requests as a go to contractor. In this case a housing development that we have earned a tremendous amount of trust with, wanted to provide a play structure for their residents. Truth is there are no playground equipment assembly companies in town.

The sand pit seemed to be the logical place. The unit was purchased, and the site located, prior to our involvement.

Our team assessed the situation and in consultation with the manufacturer came up with a plan to install the sturdy unit in a stable, safe, and permanent manor.

Yes, I know you are in a hurry…the conversation went, but can’t we have it installed in two days. No we have to do it right to protect ourselves, and you. The last thing we want is for the structure to be unstable or injure someone.

We have to do it right!

Finished play structure

Finished play structure

Instant gratification although often a noble expectation, is often unrealistic. It was not going to happen in this case.

You know how what seems like should be an easy task turns into a bigger deal than anyone envisioned. This is what happened in our case. twenty formed and poured concrete bases then more concrete to tie the unit to the basses then return the sand back.

In the end, it was constructed and assembled correctly.  As always, we are proud of our results.

The way I look at it, we are enabling kids to play and have physical activity at home. We are essentially encouraging kids to have positive interactions with their parents and siblings, as a direct result of our saying yes to this odd request.

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